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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I have recently installed ProcessWire as I am learning to develop my own personal website. The installation process was completed, pressed 'Login to Admin' and I am receiving a 404 error. I am using a GoDaddy Shared Hosting Package with Plesk installed. Does anyone have any experience with using ProcessWire on a shared hoasting package? Many Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone I have a problem here. I have built a site with Processwire on localhost and then transferred to my customer's server. a) it's a windows server (unfortunately) and b) there is a domain-mapping for this site, the domain points to a folder of another domain. Sorry, I can't explain it any better, I don't really understand the different types of servers (why do they have to be different anyway...). My problem is, that I see the main website but not the admin page. Do I have to add anything to my .htaccess file? I also tried to include web.config file. Not .htaccess nor web.config file have an impact when changing its content. I really have no clue what to do!! Links: mcconnellacademy.ch, mcconnellacademy.ch/admin Thanks for any pointing in the right direction!
  3. Hi Everyone, New here but not new to CMS and Template developing . Early today, I've installed PW, it was successful, the result was flawless. But then, I realized I've encounter 404 error and was unable to go into admin. I've spend 4 hours going through troubleshooting guide following this link http://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/troubleshooting-guide/page3 and I am not getting any luck, so I was hoping I could get some help from you so I can get started with PW First, the PW is running on localhost using MAMP 3.3.2 (free version). The PW files is located inside MAMP/htdocs as subfolder called pwNew. So obvious inside htaccess the Rewrite Base command should be RewriteBase /pwNew (of course hashtags has been removed) if I did it right, then it didn't work for me! So next, I went inside /apache/conf/httpd.conf and then changed... 'none' to 'All' <Directory /> Options FollowSymLinks ExecCGI AllowOverride All Order deny,allow Allow from all </Directory> Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I've confirmed twice... the mod_rewrite have been installed, up and running. Confirmation # 1 running mod_rewrite_test.php with this code below, <?php if(in_array('mod_rewrite', apache_get_modules())) { echo 'mod_rewrite is installed.'; } else { echo 'mod_rewrite isn't installed.'; } ?> ...and then run it from browser Confirmation # 2 from phpinfo I really need your help and hope there are solution for it. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've just installed the latest version of PW on debian 8 with apache2. The install went flawless; no errors. After the install completed I tried to access /processwire/ and failed with a 404 error. The home page of the site displays, but all links fail with 404 errors. Research suggests to edit .htaccess to make sure RewriteBase poinst to [path]/processwire/. I did that, but access to /processwire/ is still failing. I've also tried to enable AllowOverride All in the apache2 configuration file, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. The Processwire version is ProcessWire 2.4.0 © 2015 When attempting to save edits to the page, instead of getting the pw success message, I get the 404 page not found page. This page in question cannot be deleted, moved, edited...nada. Page edit takes me to: http://www.mydomain....e/edit/?id=5772 When I attempt to save the edits the address bar still says: http://www.mydomain....e/edit/?id=5772 but it displays the 404 Page Not Found page and changes are not saved. Also disabled Modsecurity on the server. Any ideas please
  6. hello, after i attemped to install a module -- the modules manager -- i can no longer access the 'modules' section in the admin. here's exactly how i got to this point i installed a fresh copy of pw (v 2.5.3) with the blank slate option. install was completed without issue. wonderful. directly after install i headed over to modules.processwire.com and downloaded the zip file for soma's module manager. next i navigated back to the admin and over to the modules section. i chose to upload the modules manager zip file. i selected the zip file from my desktop then hit upload, waited a bit then i got redirected to the 404 error page. and now i can not get to any page within the moduels section of the amdin. i get redirected to the 404 error page. i'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. i restalled pw and attempted to install the module 2 more times as outlined above. i get the same results. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Ryan and the processwire crew. I had an interesting error come up today. I did up some new pages for a client, saved but left unpublished and later, tried to set the page status to published but hidden so the client could see it before it went live. When I hit the save button it returned a 404 page not found error. I tried several more times, logging out and then back in and even deleted the page and created a new one. It kept returning 404. I finally had to use PHPmyAdmin to make the changes manually. Has that error been documented? I'm trying to determine if it's a database problem on my end or some obscure bug that just popped up today. I have to admit this is the first time I've done up a page and left it unpublished. Using pw2.1
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