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  1. also tried to use an additional image field.... 500 error...
  2. it doesn't work. even if i go one by one. it stops at 162 images......
  3. Thanks for the info, Soma. What would you suggest? Just try and hope it works at some point? do you have a workaround idea? Several image fields?
  4. Well, it seems that the problem starts much earlier. I can upload around 150 images (width 1600px, size between 300 and 600KB), after that, processwire does not store them anymore.....
  5. it returned 96. Then I added the files like 10 at once instead of 50 and then it worked again. for a while. up to 162 images. Then the same again. I can add more pictures, save the page, leave and come back to it and the images are gone (the ones I just uploaded). this is really weird...
  6. it does actually render the rest of the website correctly. It just stops after 98 pictures. and by the way, it's only thumbnails...
  7. Hi all I have a problem here. I created a gallery with 240 pictures. Created an images field with no maximum amount (0). Unfortunately, only 98 of the 240 images show on the website. Any idea what I possibly could have done wrong? Thanks for your help! <?php foreach ($page->images as $image) { $options = array( 'quality' => 90, 'upscaling' => false ); $thumb = $image->size(250, 250, $options); ?> <div class="col-xl-2 col-lg-3 col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-6 foto"> <a href="<?= $image->url ?>" data-lightbox="lightbox" > <img src="<?= $thumb->url ?>" alt="" > </a> </div> <?php } ?>
  8. Thank you @BitPoet!! That solved it!
  9. Thanks @Zeka But I don't know where to put that code to make it work.. <?php foreach ($pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt') as $produzent) { ?> <div><a><?= $produzent->prod_objekt ?> <?= $produzent->prod_hausnummer ?>, <?= $produzent->prod_ort ?></a></div> <?php } ?> The above will only sort by prod_objekt (streetname)...
  10. Hi all! I have a little problem here. I want to sort a list of addresses by streetname and then by number. First, I just had a field "prod_objekt" (address) containing both and then have a foreach loop like this: $pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt') as $produzent. Unfortunately, this would not sort by streetnumber if I had the same streetname but multiple numbers. Now, I thought I could sort by two fields. prod_object (adress) first and then by prod_hausnummer (streetnumber). But I just don't know the code for it. I tried this: $pages->get('/produzenten/')->prod_repeater->sort('prod_objekt.prod_hausnummer') as $produzent, but it wouldn't work. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks for your help Roli
  11. @netcarver yea, I saw that, but it's not that package. I had contact with their support and they just said "it's not allowed to use options".....
  12. Hi Zeka, i did. The hosting doesn‘t allow the word ‚Options‘ in the htaccess file...
  13. it doesn‘t work. i think i need an alternative code for ‚options -indexes‘ but without the ‚options‘...
  14. Hi Guys, Just finished a website locally and wanted to upload it on the webserver of my customer. I got a server 500 error. Now, the guidelines of the hoster (world4you.com) does not allow "Options" in the htaccess-file. So, when I uncomment these: Options -Indexes Options +FollowSymLinks the site is visible, but the content won't show and no links are available. Not sure if I need the Symlinks-part but I guess I need a workaround for the Index-part. Can anybody help here? I need the website up and running asap.... Thanks! Roli
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