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  1. Hello, I am following the Basic Website Tutorial http://wiki.processwire.com/index.php/Basic_Website_Tutorial After creating the site settings page and uploading an image to the header_banner img field, the tutorial says to include the path of the image file like so: I changed it to this: However, they should be the same. But unfortunately my image is not showing up. When I pull the code inspector in Chrome, this is the HTML that I see. When I go into my remote folder and navigate to site>assets>files>1008, I see two files: the original jpg I uploaded (pwtut-header.jpg), and one other one (pwtut-header-1.0x100.jpg). What is going on here? Has there been an api change since that tutorial?
  2. The 'global' flag for field is great, untill you don't need that field anymore and you have over 30 templates that have that field assigned... It looks like you have to manually edit every template and delete the field from there, save, then check the checkbox to confirm? Is there a way to do this faster? Thanks.
  3. I've just come across a really strange problem where processwire is throwing a 404 error after I enter a value into one of my fields. I'm sure this is probably down to my code. I have a set of fields that when a value is entered some output is echoed to my template. Every field works as expected except the last field which throws the 404 after entering a value and saving the page. Here's the code. <?php $settings = $pages->get("/site-settings/"); if ($settings->social_facebook) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-facebook' href='{$settings->social_facebook}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_twitter) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-twitter' href='{$settings->social_twitter}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_linkedin) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-linkedin' href='{$settings->social_linkedin}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_youtube) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-youtube' href='{$settings->social_youtube}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_picasa) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-picasa' href='{$settings->social_picasa}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; if ($settings->social_upon) echo "<li><a class='icon-small small-icon-stumble' href='{$settings->social_upon}' target='_blank'></a></li>"; ?> I'm guessing there's a better way to write this but not quite sure why it's throwing an error. I've tried deleting and recreating the last field with a different name but it still throws the same error. Can anyone help?
  4. I have an area on my homepage that I want to print data based on a checkbox value in my site settings template. When the box is checked I want to output some HTML. I've tried various combinations of code but can't get it to work. Here's what I have at the moment. <?php $settings = $pages->find("/site-settings/"); if ($settings->mycheckboxfield == 1) echo "<li>This</li>"; ?> Any ideas?
  5. We've home-rolled a front-end profile management page and we've expanded profiles with lots of custom fields. It's working great! Now, I need to allow site members to upload their own profile photo to the default 'avatar' field. Of course, I know how to add a file upload field to the form and work with the file in my target script. But I'm a bit unclear as to how to bridge the gap to populating the avatar field value. Can someone provide a code snippet?
  6. The Page Reference-field seems to create a one-way link from one page to one/many other pages. This means that the related pages will only display on the referring page while not on the referred pages. Is it possible to make a two-way link that can be displayed both on the referring page and the referred pages? My Page Reference field is configured as follows: Deference in API as: Multiple pages (PageArray). Input field type: PageListSelectMultiple (Perhaps it is necessary to use another field type?)
  7. I've been working on a medium-to-large scale project using pw (browsable alumni works and news repository, for a multimedia design school). I assume this kind of project is just what PW was written for: loads of information that can be cross-searched, etc.. And for it to work smoothly, sharing fields is the way to go, of course (do correct me if I'm wrong..) The "problem": some fields acquire diferent roles in different templates ("title" can be a Title or a student name on a student Template), and may benefit from independent descriptions (for setting protocols - specially important on a repository) Multiple field descriptions would be awesome (specific to each template), but I imagine the work that such a change could mean may not be worth it... I haven't explored the DB very deeply, but I assume the description is in a field entry, and would have to be in the field-to-template entry... Or maybe I'm reading it all wrong Any thoughs? Am I completely off the ball park?
  8. I found this problem which I dont know how to solve. I created a field which is a textarea. The client will place her information inside and that will be echoed into the web. Simple and clear. The only thing is that the client has long text so he will create paragraphs. In the box of the textarea in the CMS PW you can create text and with the keyboard ENTER you can make paragraphs. Once saved it still remains with paragraph format as the spaces are respected in processwire. But... In the web you only see one block of text. What method has to be done so the client can create spaces between the text? Thanks Dani
  9. In lieu of any real file management (discussion has already started: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/425-file-manager/) I think there should be a video field. Parsers for the most popular sharing sites, youtube being the big one. I have not really dug in to the api yet and my programming skills are pretty amateur, but I am going to take a look at the Flickr Field module and see if I can get any insight into starting off a video field.
  10. Hi, im building a multilanguage website and i was wondering if there was an easy way for the footer, it will be the same on every page. Now i have to copy paste the footer text to the footer field for each page, could there be an easier way? Best regards Simon
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