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  1. After a little tweaking, I was able to get the access token back from Instagram. Using the post by @AndZyk as a starting point, I removed the following line from the module code: 'scope' => 'public_content' Instagram returned the access token successfully.
  2. @Macrura, thanks for the quick and thorough response. I'd been searching the forums for quite a while, yet had apparently failed to find the proper search phrasing. I can always provide an option to select the originating page with a dropdown or autocomplete, it's just not efficient from a UX perspective and provides additional opportunity for input errors. It might just be something I have to work around during the development process until I can find a more elegant solution.
  3. In the admin, I am trying to access data from a page that contains an inputfieldand autofill that data into the modal edit window for a new entry. For instance, I have a template which contains a PageTable field. When I add a new entry to the PageTable, I want to capture the ID from the originating admin page and add it to a field in the edit modal as a way of linking the new entry back to the originating page. The new PageTable entries are NOT children of the originating page, and cannot be for structural reasons. I have attached an image which I hope will help to clarify the basic resul
  4. It also multiplies the number of reasons to buy the ProFields module. Seriously, will it happen faster if I offer to pay you in doubloons?
  5. This looks great, Ryan. Processwire's modularity is, perhaps, its greatest asset. After working in Joomla and Wordpress for years, it's great to have a CMS that is dead-simple when you need it to be, but scales up easily for more complex sites. Keeping the core as clean as possible also makes it easy for people to get in the door, then add functionality as needed. I also find the current module licensing model to be an excellent compromise. Great work! Now, when can I give you my money?
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