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  1. Each page in processwire has a name and a title. When I create a new page and give it a title, the name is created automatically. That name creates the URL of that page. This works great for English sites. However, for international users this doesn't work as nicely. If I create a new page and give it a title that's not in English, then the name field is left blank and I must write a "fake" title in English. I work with sites in Arabic and in Hebrew and this is the biggest difficulty I see when working on non English sites with Processwire. Even for an experienced user, this is an annoyance every time. For comparison, in WordPress I can have multilingual titles and URL's out of the box. This is an advantage WordPress has when it comes to international users. I would like to see this change, and perhaps help bring this change. What would it take for Processwire to support multilingual URL's and page names? What would be the best route to achieve this?
  2. Yes. Sorting is more responsive. I noticed a small usability issue with the button that toggles between list view and grid view. The clickable area of the button is a bit small and if I click a bit to the left outside the button then it collapses the images field. This could be fixed by adding some left padding to the button. I'm just not sure where to make that edit.
  3. Thanks for the info Soma! That is indeed the problem. I don't know about the issue with content jumping, but it's definitely a problem if drag and drop sorting doesn't work...
  4. I just installed a clean copy of the dev branch and sorting images in InputfieldImage seems buggy. Viewing the images as a list, I can't drag an image beyond the browser's viewport. So I can't, for example, drag the last image to make it the first, because the first image is beyond my viewport. On 2.3, if I start dragging an image beyond the viewport, then the browser automatically scrolls up or down the page (depending on which direction I'm dragging). On the dev branch, there is no scrolling - the page stays in place, so I can't drag up or down beyond what I can see. Also I noticed that when in grid view, sorting of images is a bit clunky. If I try to move the last image to be first, sometimes the first image won't budge away. After I do successfully release the image, the lightbox always appears, which is also a bit annoying. On Chrome, both in list view and in grid view, the image I drag disappears until I drop it. I'm testing on Firefox and Chrome (latest versions) on Windows 7. If my explanation isn't clear I can post a video of these issues. Grid view is a great addition! Much easier to work with when you have more than a few images!
  5. I can't seem to get this to work with a multilingual site on 2.3. The site is setup with 2 languages like so: example.com/en/page/ example.com/fr/page/ But when viewing the sitemap I only get example.com/page/ And ideas?
  6. It sounds to me like what you need is a basic shopping cart. You have products, which you can add to a cart (wish list in this case), can then review the list and then checkout (no payment info, just contact details). I think you could build this around the Shop for ProcessWire module. It provides you with a basic shopping cart and the visitor can then sumbit their contact details. After installing the module you'll need to make some modifications like hiding prices in the front end and changing text on buttons and throughout the checkout process. ("Add to cart" to "Add to wishlist" etc). However if you also want product variations (pink shirt XXL), I don't think it's possible out of the box, so maybe others can pitch in?
  7. Amazing work apeisa. I had a poll up and ready within minutes! Would it be possible to have a "View Results" link at the bottom of the poll? That way a user could see the results and then have a link "Back to Poll" if he'd like to vote.
  8. This is the way that works for me: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2979-multi-language-page-names-urls/page-3#entry33412 Then you can use Soma's Markup Simple Navigation module to generate your navigation, and it will just work.
  9. Currently I have a multi-language site. If I want to have an image with a different alt tag for each language I need to use a repeater. I think it would be sweet to have a fieldtype of ImageLanguage that would allow an image to have a separate Description field for each langugae. I think this could make PW more multi-language friendly.
  10. Very interesting. It's nice to know more about the behind the scenes of PW.
  11. And why it didn't for me Thanks for the info Wanze.
  12. Hi all, I just noticed this bug and I hope this is the right place to post it. With processwire 2.3 I have a "URL" field type and it doesn't allow any URL's that have dashes in the domain name. For example, this won't work: http://www.my-site.com Neither will this: http://sub-domain.site.com Since these are both valid domains this is a mistake.
  13. Hey Nico Yes, Hebrew is Right to Left (rtl)
  14. Thanks Mats! Has all the info I needed. Hebrew And here's the link: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2617-hebrew-he-he/
  15. Hello everyone, Here's my Hebrew translation for ProcessWire 2.2.9: https://github.com/jacknails/processwire-hebrew ProcessWire-Language-Hebrew.zip
  16. Hello, I have translated the backend into a new language. I started by importing the Spanish language pack and then proceeded to translate all the text strings via the PW interface. OK, so now I want to make this into a language pack. How do I go about doing this so that I can make it available for others? I've searched the forum and the tutorials, but I can't find a step by step guide. Any help is much appreciated. : )
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