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  1. yeah, I included the 'path' and have PagePaths installed - the 'path' part is actually very important, as I have quite a lot of children - parent thing going on (it's a products page) i.e.: Producer \ product_line \ product_name And, actually, in my example "white tea" is the 'product line' part of the path anyway, I was hoping for that soluton as I'm not sure if I know where to find this tweak for mySQL database :-> argh, more searching for me
  2. When I had ~= in my selector, The search didn't return any results for queries containing 3letter words (example: "tea" or "white tea". "white" worked fine) Here's the trick: when changed to %=, the 3letter searches work fine, but phrases return no results (example: "white tea". "tea" works fine) full query: $matches = $pages->find("path|title|label|body%=$q, limit=50, sort=sort"); // label is my custom field ideas?
  3. great, +1 stupid question for me thanks
  4. Is this the same module used on processwire website (processwire/talk) or no? If no, what is?
  5. The thing with multilanguage fields for images is that i.e. if you have a news site with sliders, you're probably going to write headlines on the images themselves - and if you have news in different languages... then you have to do alternate fields etc. anyways: additional field for language code works like a charm for me, as it differentiates code from content: nowhere in my code do i have to hardcode what my default language is, neither do i have to account for all languages i already have (or might have in the future) Thanks a lot for taking time to answer - I must say that the support here from both ryan himself and other moderators is just perfect. Really making things easier.
  6. anyway, the fastest solution i could find: i deleted all translation files that i downloaded - one must have tempered with tinyMCE didn't really bother to check which one, as I wasn't really sure why i downloaded the language translation packs in the first place (don't need the backend to be translated...) thanks a lot for your help!
  7. Dude, that's totally that: I changed my default language to polish and tinyMCE is failing to load appropriate files (called pl.js) in different folders now the tricky part: do i have to search and find appropriate files, or can I change some settings so that it simply loads default files?
  8. hard to say, 'cause i removed it some time ago, haha adding a new field named 'body' doesn't change a thing anyway - don't know if it helps - but when i had my default installation, i;m 99% sure that there was no tinyMce on 'body' - so, if it is turned on by default, it (most probably) wasn't working from the start I take it that it's bad? :>
  9. The thing is that no matter what my settings are, tinyMCE just won't show, always the plain textarea i tried it both for textarea and textarealanguage I've got the InputField Type set(in Details tab) set to tinyMce TextFormatters (same tab) are empty I didn't really mess with any core files, but maybe there's something missing? Or maybe I should install somethiing additionally to standard processwire installation? any clues would be helpfull
  10. yeah, i don't really like the whole 'language gateway' concept, because I believe that a 'default' language should not need any additional segments - as in default also - it needs adding additional pages when more languages are added and, not that i need it right now ( :> ) but i like permanent solutions that's also why i need the language code - this way i don't have to hardcode anything (like if default then 'en', else 'de') and, back to ui - don't get me wrong: i checked MOST of the cms's and processwire was THE BEST out there when it comes to admin UI, custom fields handling and multi-language support - though i do miss multilanguage for fields other than text (i.e. - images) - now they have to be hardcoded (have seperate fields done), and that requires maintance if new languages are to be added (because it's easy to teach someone how to add a new language, and hard to teach him how to add new fields and assign them to templates ;-)
  11. riiight, didn't expect to find it in 'filters'... I love the clean admin area of processwire, but there are some ui issues... ...well, let's just say that it's sometimes obvious that the cms was created by a programmer ;-) and i'm doing a multilanguage site with localised urls that works in a different way than 'language gateway', and thought that such a field mught come in handy am having a hard time though, since i'm more of a designer than coder, haha
  12. I would actually even settle for hard coding in mySQL a connetion between 'code' field and 'language' template, but.. stupid me, can't find where it's hidden in the db, haha
  13. Just a thought: Since it sucks so badly to always have to check for this 'default' language and, why not add a new field to language template called 'code' This way there will still be a 'default' laguage for the system, but also an easy and COHERENT way to check languages - probably $user->language->code will work just out of the box? And one more thing - I would really need the solution 'right away', so if somebody could write some browser-code i could work on, or show me how to make 'languages' template visible in template list, it would be really appreciated ;-)
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