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  1. Hi @kongondo, thanks fo your plugin, I just bought and installed it and am now setting things up. Just wanted to let you know I had this same problem and this fix worked for me, but I don't have Media Manager installed in a subfolder (I think). My setup is: localhost (MAMP), Media Manager is installed in Applications/MAMP/htdocs/website/site/modules/MediaManager. When I move on to the live site I will let you know if it happens there as well. If you have any questions to help find out more about this bug let me know. edit: I'm using PW 3.0.165 and MM v0.1.2 β
  2. Thank you both! @horst your solution works great for me. Configuring content types is a part of PW I was not yet familiar with. It's so cool to discover new ways in which PW is such a powerfull and customizable product. This solves my problem, but I'm still curious why my altered RewriteCond didn't work, if anyone knows the answer to that I'd love to know!
  3. Some context: I want to use PHP variables in my CSS (more info below) and found a solution on CSS-tricks that looks fairly elegant and somewhat solid to me. It's pretty simple, I created a file style.css.php inside the site/templates/ directory and load that in my page head. In style.css.php is the following: <?php header("Content-type: text/css; charset: UTF-8"); header("Charset:utf-8"); if ($homepage->hero_image) { echo <<<CSS .hero { background: url($homepage->hero_image->url) no-repeat; } CSS; } ?> Because of the following RewriteCond (line 373) in the htaccess file the server sends a 403 error back when the file is requested: # Block access to any PHP or markup files in /site/templates/ or /site-*/templates/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (^|/)(site|site-[^/]+)/templates($|/|/.*\.(php|html?|tpl|inc))($|/) [NC,OR] (My htaccess file is @version 3.0 and @htaccessVersion 301) This is how I thought I could fix that (based on these answers on stack overflow) but it does not work: # Block access to any PHP or markup files in /site/templates/ or /site-*/templates/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (^|/)(site|site-[^/]+)/templates($|/|/((?!style\.css).)*\.(php|html?|tpl|inc))($|/) [NC,OR] I tested the rule with htacess tester and htaccess check and both worked for me, but on my site I still get a 403 instead of the file. I'm working on localhost, using MAMP (not sure if that's relevant). A bit more about what I want to do achieve specifically: I want to use an image as a background-image for an element, not place it as an image. This image is provided by the user via a field and can therefore change. I know I can achieve this like this: echo "<section class='hero' style='background-image: url($page->hero_image->url)'></section>"; But I would prefer a method other than inlining because of scalability and cleanliness. (I admit the extra link in the page head is not ideal either) P.s. this is my first post here, I hope it's submitted in the right forum and my explanation is clear.
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