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  1. But 10.04 server is still live (till april 2015) and 12.04 till 2017!
  2. Hi! Really sorry if this is not right place for this but: After 2.5.18 update I started getting error: Exception: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '41-0' for key 'PRIMARY' (in /www/wire/core/FieldtypeMulti.php line 261) Any advice how to fix it?
  3. Thanks! Valuable thread, but too complex for my task. I need save once and maybe read this array twice or something, so I've stopped on textarea and it works fine for me.
  4. Hi! I need to store array (more than 1.5k integers) in some pages. Is it OK to serialize it and save in textarea field? Or any other advice?
  5. https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/pull/898
  6. Check for "Strip Tags" option on the Input tab in your field. upd: sorry, I'm wrong here, strip tags will remove BR completely. It is looks like you choose HTML Entity Encoder in Text Formatters and it replace <br> with <br>
  7. I am not experienced programmer, so there are nothing interesting or new in my structure or templates. There are 12 templates with files and about 20 without. Basic-page, for example (really basic, but structure is similar to others): <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="ru" class="no-js"> <head> <?php include("./_head.php"); ?> </head> <body> <?php include("./_topbar.php"); ?> <?php include("./_sidebar.php"); ?> <div class="wrapper white"> <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns"> <header class="page-header"> <h1><?php echo $page->get('headline|title'); ?></h1> </header> </div> </div> <div class="row content"> <div class="medium-12 columns"> <?php echo $page->body;?> </div> </div> <?php include("./_footer.php"); ?> </body> </html> Dealers map structure: Country --Region ----City ----City ------Dealer ... So, there are 630 shops for now in 1112 cities (I have imported cities, so more than half are empty now). Product catalog has 278 items and same structure. And something about 100 pages with docs and "We are bla-bla-bla pages". https://yadi.sk/i/f-GmE_oEdK5VD Yeap.
  8. Hi! Oh, here is something bigger than I have made before: autosystem.ru Was used: PW (latest dev) Foundation 5 for grid layout (but not for long, want to rewrite grids with Susy — it is awesome). ProCache Markdown HannaCode Fredi Map Maker Pageimage Sizer Imagick and great help of all of you Thanks for any suggestions and kind words
  9. Hi. It was not very good idea. Search engines don't like when several addresses show page with same content.
  10. Hi, horst! After updating PW to the latest dev yesterday, i've getting this on pimLoad(): Fatal error: Exception: You do not have permission to execute this module - ProcessCropImage (in D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\wire\core\Modules.php line 717) #0 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\wire\core\Modules.php(668): Modules->getModule('ProcessCropImag...') #1 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\site\modules\PageImageManipulator\ImageManipulator.class.php(254): Modules->get('ProcessCropImag...') #2 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\site\modules\PageImageManipulator\PageImageManipulator.module(185): ImageManipulator->__construct(Object(Pageimage), Array, false) #3 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\wire\core\Wire.php(381): PageImageManipulator->getPageImageManipulator(Object(HookEvent)) #4 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\wire\core\Wire.php(317): Wire->runHooks('pimLoad', Array) #5 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\site\templates\docs-product.php(12): Wire->__call('pimLoad', Array) #6 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\site\templates\docs-product.php(12): Pageimage->pimLoad('test') #7 D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\wire\core\TemplateFile in D:\OpenServer\domains\5520.pro\index.php on line 220 any suggestions?
  11. share my nginx config part for this: server { # all your stuff here error_page 404 /index.php?id=/http404/; # bla-bla-bla config # add this before location / {...} location ~ [^-_.a-zA-Z0-9/~] { try_files $uri $uri/ =404; } } working fine for me
  12. Hi! Is where any way to throw 404 in urls like this: processwire.com/aboutпривет/sites/ In fact, it is just ignore Russian letters and render content without them. SEO crying =)
  13. if (count($u->avatar)){ // if user HAS an avatar image $avatar_thumb .= "this is a test"; // do this } else { // else do this, but user has not an avatar, so you don't see image or text in both cases $avatar_thumb .= "<img class='img-rounded img-responsive' src='{$thumb->url}'' alt='{$thumb->description}'' />"; } so in your code you need ... (ooh.. I'm typing too slow) what adrian said.
  14. else { $avatar_thumb .= "<img class='img-rounded img-responsive' src='{$u->avatar->url}' alt='{$u->avatar->description}' />"; } m? upd: $u = $users->get($user); if( $ava = $u->avatar ) { $avatar_thumb = "<img class='img-rounded img-responsive' src='{$ava->url}' alt='{$ava->description}' />"; } else { $avatar_thumb = "this is a test"; } mm?
  15. Thanks, guys, for the great explanation. It's very helpful. But I think now why am I wanted to throw 404 to the simple get parameter? I have to check for IDs which I want to redirect and just leave others alone without any redirections. Am I right?
  16. You right, just one template needed! Dumb me . 10x
  17. Hi! I rebuilding site from another CMS and need to redirect some old pages to new ones. Old scheme of urls is site.com/index.php?id=123 I have this in _init.php: $id = (int)$input->get->id; if ($id > 0) { $redirect_page = wire('pages')->get("parent=/tools/old2new/, template=old2new-redirect, name=$id"); if ($redirect_page instanceof NullPage) { throw new Wire404Exception(); } else { $url = $redirect_page->redirect_to->url . $redirect_page->param; wire('session')->redirect($url); } } So, Wire404Exception() -- throw me this: Fatal error: Exception: (in \www\site\templates\_init.php line 21) #0 \www\wire\core\TemplateFile.php(139): require() #1 [internal function]: TemplateFile->___render() #2 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(359): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #3 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(317): Wire->runHooks('render', Array) #4 \www\wire\modules\PageRender.module(337): Wire->__call('render', Array) #5 \www\wire\modules\PageRender.module(337): TemplateFile->render() #6 [internal function]: PageRender->___renderPage(Object(HookEvent)) #7 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(359): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #8 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(317): Wire->runHooks('renderPage', Array) #9 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(381): Wire->__call('renderPage', Array) #10 \www\wire\core\Wire.php(381): PageRender->renderPage(O in \www\index.php on line 216 But if I use exception from another template it working fine and render 404 page. Please help to fix it and maybe some suggestion to "redirect" code?
  18. I just voted for ProcessWire! Help get @processwire packaged by Bitnami. You can vote at http://t.co/M7bbdyDKco

  19. I'm playing Polycraft, 3D action tower defence! Watch the trailer: http://t.co/OrvSzEoGVD #html5 #webgl

  20. k07n

    One page promo site

    You got me. I mean you are all pure SOLID awesomeness =))
  21. k07n

    One page promo site

    And the Paradise Circus from Heligoland is the opening for Luther (SUPERB crime drama, sorry for second offtop ) @Joss The main goal of landing pages is the 'BUY ME' button, which my site have not, lol. We have B2B strategy, and I working right now to convince my bosses to be `closer to client` and sell online (lots of troubles in fact %)). So I planning add `product microdata` in future (now it's useless because where is no price on site), buy some adwords and I think it will be ok for SEO (hate SEO, arrrggghh).
  22. Опоры стоек SS20 GOLD для Калина, Гранта, Приора: http://t.co/lXIqgKM2NN с помощью #SS20

  23. Agree. And the second one - it doesn't have built in "lightbox" feature. So, if I don't need to scroll multiple slides, I'll stay on fotorama.
  24. Wow! I'll use it for sure, many thanks for the link! btw, i'm using fotorama, it's very sexy too.
  25. Зацените чо нарисовал: http://t.co/jL7LuaNtsO

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