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  1. Ha! Yes, me too. And I see what you mean about a 1-off field per block. Good point. Thanks for pushing this subject along!
  2. @Jonathan LahijaniI haven't watched the video yet; will get to that this evening. But I do have a question: Have you had a look at CraftCMS?
  3. Does anything in this post help? I had this issue a while back and it was related to some sort of session data not getting written or served correctly...IIRC
  4. @Jan Romero Thanks! That should work. I think I incorrectly assumed after too quickly glancing at the api docs that render() is only for files and not for a selected page or pages.
  5. Hello, I'm drawing a blank and cannot seem to find the right answer to the question I think I'm asking, but: If I want to display the contents of a page on another page, how can I pass some arguments to the page I want to display? It's been a few months since I've touched this project. Thanks!
  6. @netcarver Thanks! That's what I sort of thought. This project/client uses sqlite db's to sling datasets between apps and clients. I can certainly whip up some connectivity, but I would like to module-ize it and I'm not sure how to do it in such a way to be useful to anyone else.
  7. Hello, We're setting up a PW app that has a dozen sqlite databases it will use for various tasks and analytics. Does anyone know if there are any modules with any sqlite connectivity in them? I haven't seen any on first glance. I know this is nebulous, but is there any advise on how to best "fold in" sqlite connectivity AND data into PW's existing structure? Thanks!
  8. Hello Ryan - Does ProCache work with Nginx, or can it be made to work with it?
  9. @horst Thanks for the info! We'll go ahead and sign up and get the phones ringing.
  10. Thanks @teppo for your welcome. I'll give it another try after Christmas and report back. Thanks again!
  11. Hello All, Davis Harrison Dion is an advertising and digital agency here in Chicago and we are using PW for a few internal/portal applications that are currently in the pipeline. And we would like to use it for a few public facing projects going forward. Also, I tried to list DHD on the PW developer network, but keep getting a 24-hour warning even after signing up several days ago. Just wondering if the powers to be in this excellent forum can offer any assistance. Thanks! Jim Bailie
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