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  1. really dig the site, Diogo. modern, minimal, and functional... great work!
  2. thanks, panictree. that error has been there because the client hasn't added any blog posts. i went ahead and added a fake post and the archives page is working now. thanks for the heads up! thank you, raydale. using the blog profile as a base was pretty easy and didn't take long at all. it didn't take more than 3 hours to adapt my design to the blog profile. here's what i did: duplicated the home page template and named it blog_home created my own homepage template i found it would be easier for the client to add content if i treated each section of the homepage as a page (home, gallery, order form, about, and contact) so i created templates for each with their respective fields. all pages are published + hidden except for home and blog pages i called all the needed fields in my home template (all home page fields, all gallery fields, etc.) and then just created a page named 'blog' using the blog template. hope this answers your question. many thanks to both of you! alex
  3. wow! thanks, Joss!! this is extremely detailed and most helpful. much appreciated, my good man.
  4. very nice, Joss. i need to look into using blocks as you are doing. i'm starting a build-out of our intranet using processwire. it is currently a drupal site but i want to simplify things for everyone (devs and content providers) and i really do think processwire is the way to go. but since our external site is drupal, everyone is kinda stuck on it because that's what they know. although everyone complains constantly about using it. anyhow, great work. if you've got any insight to share, i'd love to take a look at a schematic of your structure or anything like that.
  5. while i do appreciate Soma's catch, i agree with Ryan. i don't think it'll be an issue with this site and this type of product. been looking into other solutions for future use. i liked Matthew's suggestion (foxycart), but will keep my eyes open for other alternatives. many thanks to everyone for taking the time! alex
  6. spectacular! great work, my man.
  7. yikes! thanks for the catch, Soma! i've a lot to learn. and thank you as well for the nice compliment! off to find another solution. nadsat... awesome. yes, ouch indeed. i really didn't look into any other solutions. this was sent to me by a friend and it was so easy i didn't think about it too much. too good to be true, then. all this gives me a bit of a pain in the gulliver! i'll see what i can find. thank you, Matthew and Soma, for catching this. alex
  8. thanks, Joss! this is truly the best and most helpful/supportive community i've ever seen. and yes, responsive seems to be a standard practice these days. i haven't actually worked on the responsive side of it. the grid i use is set up for responsive but the styles still need some tweaking for it to be fully responsive and complete. the cart i'm using is http://simplecartjs.org/ it really is simple. easy to use and set up. and with the repeater fields, i can have my client enter all the items she wants. it's not a full e-commerce solution but for more simple needs, it's pretty awesome. again, many thanks, Joss!! alex
  9. hello, everyone! been an active reader in the processwire community but never felt like i had anything to contribute. ufortunately, i still don't feel up to speed to contribute much to the community but i thought i'd share a new site. i used ryan's blog profile as a base. it's still not 100% finished (probably at about 90% on the dev side) and the blog hasn't been posted to yet. any opinions/critiques, good or bad, are appreciated. http://revengeofthecakeball.com/ many thanks! alex
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