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    Hi @Wanze This temporary fix works, thank you!
  2. VeiJari


    @Wanze Thank you for this awesome module! We noticed a small bug on 1.0.0 version, we can't use scandic letters (Ä, Ö, Å). This works on version 0.9.0. This has something to do with UTF-8 encoding not enabled on 1.0.0?
  3. We're still having this problem. Could someone help, please?
  4. Hello forum, This is really a weird one, because front end editing works in a earlier website we did to a customer. When I check the source code for current website it does initiate front end edit: <span id=pw-edit-1 class='pw-edit pw-edit-InputfieldPageTitle' data-name=title data-page=1021 data-lang='1017' style='position:relative'><span class=pw-edit-orig>Tekijät</span><span class=pw-edit-copy id=pw-editor-title-1021 style='display:none;-webkit-user-select:text;user- select:text;' contenteditable>Tekijät</span></span> But when I double click nothing happens (yes I'm 100% sure I'm superuser and logged in) I also tried to apply the front end with other methods than: $page->edit('title'); But didn't work either. We are using jquery 2.2.4, so it should not be a problem. Is this a bug related to current master or something else? Someone else having this problem as well?
  5. Hi, Our problem is that we're making the map marker template from another template via page reference. We've tried to add our own checkbox "show map" but it has proven quite difficult to follow the geotag ON/OFF logic. I would love to see if someone has figured this out. TLDR is there anyway for checking if the map is enabled, or do I have to make my own checkbox logic for it
  6. Works, thank you for the quick response yet again! :)
  7. @teppo Hey, is there a way to exclude the path from the summary results? I've added a custom config table and I've managed to change the "summary" field to our corresponding one. But I couldn't find a way to exclude 'result_path' in renderer.php on line 204. (other than just comment it out) Is this something that needs to be added? Or is there a trick to it?
  8. And another clarification whan I mean by an error, if you make a field required in the backend, it prompts an error above the field ('this field is required"), this is the error I want to make from the api. Thank you
  9. Thank you, it's only to compare it to a backend field that only admin's has access to. I understand the basic principle now.
  10. Sorry for the confusing question. Let me clarify. I'm talking about how to detect if I get a session error on backend in hooks. Also is there a way for us to give an error considering only a inputfield in backend, instead of just getting a session error? Thanks
  11. It seems my question is too confusing? 😞
  12. Hello forum, this is my first security related post, so I'm a bit of a newbie. I understand that when I have direct front-input from user I should sanitize the input, but how about when I use a secret key for showing a API for a third-party supplier? Should I sanitize the input->get() key? I've tested this issue and I tried ?key=<?php echo $page->field; ?> And without adding any sanitization it comes back: /?key=<?php%20echo%20$page->field;%20?> So can I rely on this, or should I still use $sanitizer just in case? Thanks for the help!
  13. Updated to the latest version and also you fixed the items url's not including the rooturl, cheers for that! Now I can also translate without problems, thank you for correcting errors in such a short notice! +1 recommendation for this mod.
  14. Upgraded to the latest version and warnings disappeared. I also noticed that you have to manually add the search_index field to the templates you want to index. I assumed it would automatically add them to the templates you want to index. It could be handy, but not a deal breaker to the honest. Now I got it working, thanks for your help! The next step is to translate the texts. I tried to do it via language, but nothing changed? So there's no translate support yet?
  15. @teppo First I would like to thank you for creating this module! However, I'm having problems with it. When I try to index my fields I get two warnings: Warning: Declaration of SearchEngine\Renderer::__get(string $name) should be compatible with ProcessWire\Wire::__get($name) in xxx/modules/SearchEngine/lib/Renderer.php on line 581Warning: Declaration of SearchEngine\Query::__get(string $name) should be compatible with ProcessWire\Wire::__get($name) in xxx/modules/SearchEngine/lib/Query.php on line 226 Then it says "indexed 0 pages in 0 seconds". Why does it do that? Thank you.
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