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  1. Oh this was a careless of mine. Thank you for your feedback. I've just uploaded a new commit which should fix these warnings. I haven't enabled debug mode causing the warnings to be hidden.
  2. Thank you for your reply! Why do you think there must be quotes? ProcessWire is happy with booleans and integers. Even the core-modules are written in the same way: return array( 'title' => 'Text', 'version' => 100, 'summary' => 'Field that stores a single line of text', 'permanent' => true, ); from wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeText.module When do you get this warnings? I cannot reproduce that (with E_ALL enabled in php.ini). Which PHP Version did you use? With my Version 7.0.28 everything seems to be fine. Greetings Sebi2020
  3. I just realized that I hard-coded the page field. Sorry for this. Fix: https://github.com/Sebi2020/FieldtypeTags/releases/tag/v0.1.1-pre $this('modules')->get('FieldtypeTags')->getAllTags("tag-fieldname");
  4. I've just released a new pre-release of FieldtypeTags and InputfieldTagify New features include: FieldtypeTags Retrieval of all tags: $this('modules')->get('FieldtypeTags')->getAllTags(); Retrieval of all pages for a specific tag: $this('modules')->get('FieldtypeTags')->getPagesByTag("tagname"); InputfieldTagify Specification of tag limits Downloads: FieldtypeTags v0.1.0-pre: https://github.com/Sebi2020/FieldtypeTags/releases/tag/v0.1.0-pre InputfieldTagify v0.1.0-pre: https://github.com/Sebi2020/InputfieldTagify/releases/tag/v0.1.0-pre Greetings Sebi2020 P.S: Comments appreciated
  5. I just released version 2 of InputfieldTagify: You can download the zip file from Github: https://github.com/Sebi2020/InputfieldTagify/releases/tag/v0.0.2 @Robin S It now supports configuration of predefined whitelist entries (in this case auto-suggestions) and allows you to enable additional delimiters like spaces and semicolons. I plan to include a option for specifying limits on tags in the next release. Greetings Sebi2020
  6. @Robin S Thank you for your feedback. In fact I planned to add this features in the next release. I also planned to add autocomplete suggestions based on the already existing tags. @Sergio My intention was to store tags in page fields instead of creating a page for every tag you add. By doing so you only need one page/template whcih displays all pages with a given tag. As far as I know the philosophy behind ProcessWire is "Everything is a page" but I don't like to clutter my tree with a page for every tag and in my opinion it's very time consuming to create a page for every tag. @flydev Thanks! Currently I don't know the API very well so I don't know if there is a way to fetch all entries of a given field and not just for the current page. I would prefer to use the API instead of using the DatabasePDO class.
  7. Hey, I'm new and I created a simple module for tagging pages because I didn't found a module for it (sadly this is not a core feature). This module is licensed under the GPL3 and cames with absolutly no warranty at all. You should test the module before using it in production environments. Currently it's an alpha release. if you like the module or have ideas for improvements feel free to post a comment. Currently this fieldtype is only compatible with the Inputfield I've created to because I haven't found an Inputfield yet, that returns arrays from a single html input. Greetings Sebi2020 FieldtypeTags.zip.asc InputfieldTagify.zip InputfieldTagify.zip.asc FieldtypeTags.zip
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