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  1. Is there any good way to manage PW dependencies - mainly modules - with composer or else? I know that there are some PW modules available for composer, but not all. Does anyone have an idea to get other 3th party modules manageable with composer? In our team of 3 dev's it would help us a lot to handle module updates and dev setup. I was playing around with a idea to build a "ppm - processwire package manager" on my own if I find nothing good.
  2. Yes we have also this problem. only solution is the workaround to set the users language to the default language
  3. Currently, we are using https://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-seo/ Does anyone have an idea how we could migrate the content of $page->seo-title and $page->seo->description to Seo Maestro?
  4. TemplateEngineMustache 2.0.0 are now supporting TemplateEngineFactory 2.0.0
  5. TemplateEngineSmarty is now compatible with TemplateEngineFactory 2.x: https://github.com/blue-tomato/TemplateEngineSmarty
  6. Hi, we are looking for an PHP / Processwire Developer, located in Graz, Austria: https://www.karriere.at/jobs/5456711
  7. Sure we can do that Do you want to transfer the repo to our account: https://github.com/blue-tomato ? You can write me also via email for the details: markus.tiefenbacher {at} blue-tomato.com
  8. Nice! will you upgrade TemplateEngineSmarty also soon?
  9. @gebeer did you solve your problem with the... $_SESSION = array(); session_destroy(); ...solution? Did you see any performance improvement?
  10. I think this is okay - maybe to put some documentation note about that in the readme for user's who used MarkupSEO and will migrate zu SeoMaestro.
  11. Very cool! I used this other markup-seo module since yet but I think I will try to switch soon, because I had to trick some stuff into the other module to get multilang. One thing what would be cool, I guess: the whole SEO-Fields into an extra "SEO" tab on the page.
  12. Recently I created some graphic which shows our cms-stack and nice we are using percona mysql as database I noticed that ProcessWire and Percona have some similar logos:
  13. Not now but soon. We are developing around our ElasticSearch Instance a GraphQL Service and will than show Content from our Blog etc. in other heavy traffic section on https://www.blue-tomato.com When it is live I will post it here
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