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  1. I had some use case, were I have to show some data from my $page->meta() to specific users in the admin panel while they edit the page. I used FieldtypeRuntimeMarkup and created a field which makes only the output of this meta values. It works well.
  2. I forgot to write some update here. We made some minor and one major release since 1.0.0 with this changes: fix some log warnings from some Repeater fields Module can now be installed via composer Add support for $config->elasticsearchFeederConnectionOverride Better support of own hosted ElasticSearch Servers Use of PW 3.0.133's new $page->meta() feature instead of creating a fields for indexed pages CI Tests via circleci.com and peridot-php Current Version is 1.2.0 and since we use $page-meta() the module requires now PW 3.0.133 And a live production demo will follow the next 1-2 weeks.
  3. $page->meta() is great, I will use it in the coming version of https://modules.processwire.com/modules/elasticsearch-feeder/
  4. Nice module - I also wait for custom properties very hard. It's on the roadmap since late 2017. I hope @ryan has some time for this soon.
  5. I would like to be able to fetch the image description for fields in a language different than the current logged in user. For field values that's easy // p is page, l is language, and f is field $p->getLanguageValue($l, $f); I'm looking for something like $page->image->getLanguageValue('en', 'description');
  6. ProCache, ProFields (Matrix), ProLister
  7. Is there any good way to manage PW dependencies - mainly modules - with composer or else? I know that there are some PW modules available for composer, but not all. Does anyone have an idea to get other 3th party modules manageable with composer? In our team of 3 dev's it would help us a lot to handle module updates and dev setup. I was playing around with a idea to build a "ppm - processwire package manager" on my own if I find nothing good.
  8. Yes we have also this problem. only solution is the workaround to set the users language to the default language
  9. Currently, we are using https://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-seo/ Does anyone have an idea how we could migrate the content of $page->seo-title and $page->seo->description to Seo Maestro?
  10. TemplateEngineMustache 2.0.0 are now supporting TemplateEngineFactory 2.0.0
  11. TemplateEngineSmarty is now compatible with TemplateEngineFactory 2.x: https://github.com/blue-tomato/TemplateEngineSmarty
  12. Hi, we are looking for an PHP / Processwire Developer, located in Graz, Austria: https://www.karriere.at/jobs/5456711
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