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  1. Hi, We have a website developed using the ProcessWire framework. We have applied the Padhai HTML Template as the theme to this website. Now we are doing page speed optimization where PageSpeed Insights suggested fixing the errors related to eliminating render-blocking resources. (Please find the screenshot: rendor-blocking.png) However, we do not face many errors in eliminating render-blocking resources when we test the Padhai HTML Template alone. (Please find the screenshot: rendor-blocking-padhai.png). We kept these template files outside the project directory. We finally found that when we have the same files inside the site/templates/ folder, we face this issue. Please suggest any plugin to resolve this or suggest how to resolve this?
  2. Hi, We have a vendor folder in our project root directory. However, when we try to call the vendor/autoload.php file from the template file, we encounter the following error on the site: PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class ComposerAutoloaderInit9249ca7144adea638e43f1ea4a5d11c5, because the name is already in use in C:\wamp64\www\ticf\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\vendor\composer\autoload_real.php on line 5 please suggest how to fix this
  3. Hi @da² Thank you very much for your inputs. I used a session variable and updated it as you suggested. It works as expected. If we find an alternative solution to resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We have tried your code, and it is working well for the repeater fields. However, one issue we are facing is that if a repeater item has an error, it should be opened by default at page loading. Unfortunately, it is not opening, and we need to manually open and view the error. Please find the screenshot attached and our coding .Could you please possibilities to fix this? Thank you. Code in ready.php file $wire->addHookAfter("Inputfield(name=test1_repeater)::processInput", function (HookEvent $event) { /** @var InputfieldRepeater $inputfieldRepeater */ $inputfieldRepeater = $event->object; /** @var InputfieldWrapper $wrapper */ foreach ($inputfieldRepeater->getWrappers() as $repeaterItemId => $wrapper) { /** @var Inputfield $itemField */ $itemField = $wrapper->getByName("test_name_repeater$repeaterItemId"); if($itemField && $itemField->value == ''){ $itemField->error('Custom Message'); } } });
  5. Hi, How to add custom validation to the field 'Test name' (inside the repeater) and display its error message similar to 'Title' field. Please find the screenshot and suggest. Thank you.
  6. Hi We tried using this hook method "$this->addHookAfter('Inputfield::processInput', $this, 'validateCustomField');", Using this we can able to show the error messages in the repeater field. However, we need to show the error message below the respective inputfield in the Repeater. Is there any hook methods to achieve this? Thanks for the support and we will avoid duplicate questions.
  7. Hi How can we show the custom error messages below specific error fields?
  8. Hi @ngrmm Thank you so much. Your information and reference link helped to me. it is worked perfectly.
  9. Hi, Please find the screenshots attached. We have a repeater field on the test1 page. On the test2 page, we would like to select values of titles created in the test1 page. Please suggest. Thank you.
  10. I found the problem. When I load the website using localhost, it works fine. However, when I load it using the IP address, it does not work. I want to run the website using the IP address. Is there a solution for this?
  11. Hi @DV-JF I have installed and configured Wamp server for the development source. It downloads something when I try to open the URL. Thank you. No
  12. Sorry @zoeck I tried with 8080 port , but it remains same.
  13. We are using XAMPP local web server https://www.apachefriends.org/
  14. Hi, Thanks for your help. Even after commenting out lines 194 and 195, it still didn't work. Please find a screenshot of what issue I facing now in the incognito window. Could you please suggest any other options that I need to check? Thank you.
  15. Hi We need to validate the input fields of the repeater item in Process Wire Admin Page. Currently we can be able to show our custom error messages on page beginning and repeater item field beginning (Please find the attachment). How can we display our custom error messages below the input fields of the repeater item (Similar to Process Wire Error message). Please suggest?
  16. Hi, We copied the production source and configured it the same as the development source on the localhost. However, the website is not working on the localhost, whereas it is working fine on the production source. Please find the error attached. FYI - we have SSL for the production environment. Can anyone kindly help resolve this issue? Thank you
  17. Hi, We are capturing the following using repeater items using process wire admin interface for sending Event related instant SMS Venue Time Event name Once 'Submit' button is clicked we are replacing the above in our SMS template and are sending. Before that we would like to validate the character count of SMS content. We would like validate the character count of Venue+time+Event name. How can we do this using JavaScript. How can we insert custom .js file in ProcessWire admin side. How can we refer these repeater fields. Please help Thanks
  18. Hi, For a website we are using ProcessWire partially for some features. This will be available in a folder. Some other features will be available in Core PHP and they will be available in another folder. The structure will be as below Website ProcessWire (Sub folder - ProcessWire soure) admin (Sub folder - Core PHP source) We would like to allow the users who logged in to ProcessWire to access the other admin panel also without asking them to login again. How can we do this. Thanks
  19. Hi, We have 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field in the template (One of the Admin Control Panel Page) Inside the 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field (parent), we have 'SS_Datetime' repeater field. Inside the 'SS_Datetime' repeater field (child), We have 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields. How to do validation for 'SS_Startdatetime' and 'SS_Enddatetime' fields for below cases. 'SS_Startdatetime' should be lesser than to 'SS_Enddatetime' 'SS_Startdatetime' should not be equal to 'SS_Enddatetime' PFA and Suggest,
  20. Hi, We have 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field in the template (One of the Admin Control Panel Page) Inside the 'Seminar_Schedule' repeater field, we have 'preview_sms_content' field and other fields. In this 'preview_sms_content' field (textarea) - How to add our SMS Content to this field dynamically. (Based on the values entered on the other input fields) How to display the characters count of SMS Content to this field dynamically. How to restrict to enter the characters manually.(How to make this field readonly) PFA and Suggest, Thank you
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