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  1. It's a great pity. Then we hope for the future. Anyway thanks for the information.
  2. Is it possible to set limit=1 and use the pagination? I would like to show one news article per page and still use the pager function.
  3. Hi Soma, thank you for the quick help. Now the upload works for me! Small cause, large effect. I have also added the permission. Now the editors can feed the ImagesManager. But the button ImagesManager above the text boxes still does not work for these users. The other with the text boxes "used for searching images on pages" I still do not quite understand it. But it will come ... I'm sure.
  4. Great Job, Soma! An image management tool was at the top of my personal wish list. Your module comes close to this desired. It is a promising alpha version ... However, I have a problem with uploading images. Error message: Class 'PageImage' not found (line 526 of /../site/modules/ImagesManager/ImagesManager.module) In the ImagesManager is a new line with title, category, imagetag, modified and a broken image icon. The file is uploaded to the directory tmp_uploads, the corresponding page in the selected category created. But the picture file does not move in the new asset subdirectory. Did I forget something during installation? In addition, only the administrator can use the ImagesManager. Other users will only see the button on textarea fields. But has no function. In the module-config I have entered two special fields under "Textfields used for searching images on pages". However, the button ImagesManager will appear above each textarea field. Can you help me to make better use the module? Thanks.
  5. Hi Wanze, thanks for the support. I'm convert a website from a terribly cumbersome cms to my favorite cms ProcessWire;-) So I'd like to receive as many existing paths. Therefore, the redirects. The redirection works, but the URL in the browser changes. Can I keep the url /continent1/land1/project11/donation as address, although I'm actually here /stuff/donation/project11/land1/continent1? Sorry, this is probably quite simple ... Enibas
  6. Hi, in my site structure I have many projects (parents), each with several sub-pages (childs). All images will be uploaded to the project in the parent page. On the child pages should these images are used in text fields (TinyMCE). But it is very complicated, each time to click through the whole page tree, just to get to the images of the parent page. Can I make the path - that is displayed in the image insertion dialog - clickable? Or I can predefine a path by default? What opportunities are there to simplify the selection process? Thanks for your tips, Enibas
  7. Hi, I have a problem with the correct redirect-rules. My site-structure is: - continent 1 --- land 1 ----- project 11 ----- project 12 --- land 2 ----- project 21 - continent 2 ... - stuff --- donation form Now I want to use the same donation form in all projects. The relevant project should be preselected in a select field. For this I would like to create a rewrite rule in .htaccess. The url segments for the template are already approved. The url /continent1/land1/project11/donation should be to /stuff/donation/project11/land1/continent1. What is the correct rule? I've tried a concrete example in the redirect module, but I get only a blank page with no error message. Where is my mistake? Please help me. Thanks, Enibas
  8. I have recently also a problem with the plugin. The address will not be geocoded. How can I set the value status from my own form? $mitgliedPage->geocode->address = $form['strasse'].', '.$form['plz'].' '.$form['ort']; $mitgliedPage->geocode->status = ...? Thank you for your help and the great work here!
  9. Hi Ryan, I have the same problem. My form contains text fields, a textarea with TinyMCE and a repeater field. <input id="nachname" name="nachname" type="text" value="..." /> <input id="firma" name="firma" type="text" value="..." /> ... // Online-Profil = Plattform+URL -> Repeater <select id="profil1_n" name="profil1_n" class="mask1"> <option value=""></option> <option value='Xing' selected>Xing</option> <option value='Linkedin'>Linkedin</option> <option value='Facebook'>Facebook</option> <option value='Google+'>Google+</option> </select> <input id="profil1" name="profil1" type="url" value="http://www.xing.com/profile/..." /> // Long Text with TinyMCE <textarea id="body" name="body" cols="30" rows="9" class="editor">...</textarea> // sanitize form values or create empty $form = array( 'nachname' => $sanitizer->email($input->post->nachname), 'firma' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->firma), ... 'profil1_n' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->profil1_n), 'profil1' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->profil1), ... 'body' => $sanitizer->textarea($input->post->body), ); How should I call your function? formToPage($sanitizer->text($input->post), $pages->find("parent=1008,name=$nutzer")); or formToPage($form, $pages->find("parent=1008,name=$nutzer")); does not work. Can you please explain that a little more detail? Many thanks!
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