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  1. Thanks @teppo! I haven't noticed that ProcessChangelog is exist, not bad at all! Great job again. Yes, that would be great to be connected with VersionControl, but perhaps will be enough for this time. Or.. I simply create a link into the ChangeLog list row with Javascript to link directly to right History page (with #VersionControlHistory hash tag). And than, it will be a simple connection between the two modules. Not 100% solution of course.. After all, thanks for the quick info and thanks for the modules!
  2. Hi @teppo, first of all, thanks for this great module! But, can I have a question? I have got a request to show the page changes in a merged list.. if it's possible. My idea is to use the official PW log to collect these changes. Is there any easy solution to implement a simple log save when your module also made a save / insert revision? For example: $log->save("history", "The body field changed."); perhaps with a link to the current revision, page id, or etc.. I have searched, but not found any hook which could be useful for this. Thanks! Tamas Gyorvary
  3. @adrian - great news! Thanks for the support, it will be fine now..
  4. @adrian sorry for the late answer, kids had ice hockey championship, dance show, I had a lot of work, etc... you know how it's going.. That hosting provider set an exception for shell.php, so, there it's OK, the site has saved. But, today sent me an another hosting provider an email: your site was hacked! And they put shell.php into quarantine. At least, they didn't turn off the site completely. ? So, +1 vote from me for separating Terminal function. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, thanks for all. @matjazp : yes, CXS.. Unfortunately, it's an automatic virus scan and I don't hope, they will be flexible. From hosting provider side, it's a risk, there is a code match and won't check what are in those files, it's more easier to say, we don't care, solve this. ? And, actually, they are hosting thousands of websites and I think, it's not expected to verify every single virus alert and debug files. For example AutoSmush exe binaries. How knows, what are those doing? ? Yes, I can tell them, those files aren't accessible from outside, but, they can tell, hey, it's OK, but perhaps somebody transport data from inside to outside. So, it could be a neverending story.. Btw, if I delete all problematic files, with the next update, aren't those going back? Of course, I will write an email.
  6. Hi adrian, First of all, thanks for the module, great job. ? A few days ago, my hosting provider sent me an email: Could you please give me some advice, what should I do? They will disable the whole site if I won't solve this problem.. But the module is so useful, I don't want to remove. Thanks, Tamas
  7. Hi matjazp! You and tpr created a really great modul, I have installed 10+ sites, now, and Page Speed loves, too. ? But. Now, one of hosting provider, I use, sent me an email (Linux based): I have deleted the binaries, aren't need for Linux, so, it's only an information for you.. Regards, Tamas
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