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  1. Yeah thanks, found that already at snipcart website. Can't wait to use your module, end of the year i want to relaunch a client website using this module for course subscriptions. Would be great if recurring subscriptions will be finished then and i can build this site without jQuery ?
  2. Did this module moved to Snipcart 3 already? I couldnt find infos about this yet.
  3. @bernhard I was playing around with your RockDatetime module and i have problems getting the right locale. I need german and the the results are all english. Do i have to set language somewhere else other than html lang="de"? $d = new RockDatetime($event->getUnformatted('event_startdate')); $format = "Jeden %A, %H:%M Uhr"; echo $d->format($format); // Jeden Thursday, 10:00 Uhr !
  4. Hello, First i want to to thank @dadish for this very helpful module! I played around a bit with existing pages (in development) and i have a question regarding the "title issue": I'm trying to get the title from child pages with this query: { job{ getTotal list { title id job_client { list { title } } children(s: "template=task") { list { title } } } } } the task template has the title field but i only get this result: { "errors": [ { "message": "Cannot query field \"title\" on type \"Page\".", "extensions": { "category": "graphql" }, "locations": [ { "line": 14, "column": 11 } ] } ] } Children results work with "name" instead of "title"...
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