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  1. Okay, this is sorted out. It was the "access" issue with the "blog-post" template. I removed "view and edit" access restriction and it works. Thanks for your help @christophe
  2. I've set the permissions to give access to blog to users and guest. Post show up on front-end only when I'm logged in as Admin.
  3. I'm facing another problem. Posts don't show up on the front-end, but when I login to the admin, I can see them on the fornt-end. Any idea what could be causing this behaviour?
  4. I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.58 and Blog 2.4.0 I see the "view" tab for regular pages but not for the posts.
  5. Is there a way to preview posts before publishing them? Couldn't find the option.
  6. Done. Thank you.
  7. Just an update: This was resolved when I recompiled the modules. In trying to fix this I had uninstalled ProcessCommentsManager, but now I can't install it back. It doesn't seem to exist. Is there any other way to manage comments?
  8. Hi @kongondo, I had to reinstall the Blog module as it was giving a problem (it was completely disabled, couldn't perform any action: post, delete etc.). Anyway ,I reinstalled and everything works fine but for the comments. It is giving me this error: Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to MarkupBlog::renderComments() must be an instance of CommentArray, instance of ProcessWire\CommentArray given, called in /xxx/html/site/templates/blog-post.php on line 53 and defined (line 1059 of /xxx/html/site/modules/ProcessBlog/MarkupBlog.module) This is the code I'm using on blog_post.php: $blog = $modules->get("MarkupBlog"); $blogConfigs = $modules->getModuleConfigData('ProcessBlog'); $renderComments = $blogConfigs['commentsUse'] == 1 ? $blog->renderComments($page->blog_comments) : ''; $options = array('post_date_text' => on, 'post_categories'=>0, 'post_comments' => 2, 'post_large_image' => 1, 'post_author' => 1); $content = $blog->renderPosts($page, false, $options) . $blog->postAuthor() . $renderComments . $blog->renderNextPrevPosts($page);//with post author widget //include the main/common markup require_once(""); I'm using ProscessBlog 2.4 and Processwire 3.0.53 What could be the problem here? Thanks for your help.
  9. Just to let you know that I was able to add links to the slides. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi @flydev, It works like a charm . Thank you, thank you. The only other thing i needed was a link/button to link the slide to another page/post. I'll try to do that myself first. If I get stuck will ask for your help. Thank you very much.
  11. @flydev That's awesome. I'll try it out and report back. The Processwire version I'm using is 3.0.42. Thanks a ton.
  12. Hi @flydev, I plan to use your profile for my next project. I've installed it and it works fine. The carousel however just has only images and no corresponding heading and links, for that would really make the carousel experience complete. Is there a way to add heading and link to the images? Thanks.
  13. Yes, I meant AND. Rewriting URL as you suggest is way beyond my capability. I guess I'd have to live with it. In any case it's no biggie. About the categories, sorry about the confusion. What I meant was the categories that are displayed at the end of each post. Ideally when you click on it it should take you to the pages with the "news" and "blog" template respectively rather than the page with "category" template. I hope I'm makes sense. Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi @kongondo, it's all coming together nicely. I have one Blog page and other News page (both outside the Blog page structure) and they display summary posts and news articles respectively. I'm using the Style number 3 from Blog configuration. Two issues: 1) When the post/news article opens the path is mysite/posts/blog1 or mysite/posts/news1 which is expected because I'm adding these under "Posts". Ideally I would want them to open as mysite/blog/blog1 or mysite/news/news1. Hope it makes sense. Is there a way to achieve this? 2) Clicking on "Categories" takes me to mysite/categories/news. I would want it go to mysite/news instead where all the summary news posts sit. Thanks for your help.
  15. @kongondo You are right. I'm a complete PHP novice, trying to wing my way through, copying code without understanding. Obviously that's no way to do things. It's time to teach myself the basics of PHP, and I'm determined to do that. Thanks for pointing out the resources. And thanks for all your help and patience.