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  1. Mokay, seems to be a permission problem .. set to 777 first, then to 755, and it seems to be working. Best would probably be to go through the documentation again and have a look at the recommendet settigs .. Thanks, should've just tried that on my own
  2. Hi, I have a website running on PW 2.8, which I had to move to a different server (CentOS 7, Plesk Onyx). The domain and everything is exactly the same. The frontend is working just fine, we are getting orders etc. I can log in to the backend, but all the resource files (css, js etc) do not load, and I get a 403 error. This also the case on the admin login page (see https://lyprinol.de/panel) The permissions seem to the same as on the old server. Any clues what is going on here? :/
  3. Not quite sure how I missed that .. thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, After fiddling around with FormBuilder and FrontendUser, I decided to build a simple registration form for our website by myself. In theory evertyhing is working, the only thing I can not get a handle on is the presentation of the password field validation (see attached image). All validation hint images display at once .. As suggested somewhere well hidden in the forum, I imported the following files into the header of my template, right after loading jQuery: <link type="text/css" href="/wire/templates-admin/styles/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css?v=17j" rel="stylesheet"> <script type="text/javascript" src="/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldPassword/complexify/jquery.complexify.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldPassword/complexify/jquery.complexify.banlist.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore/xregexp.js?v=1466417387"></script> <script src="/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldPassword/InputfieldPassword.min.js?v=101-1466417387"></script> I've tried it with jQuery 1.11, 2 and 3. I do like the idea of giving an indicator of whether the chosen password is long/complex enough before posting the registration form, otherwise I would probably just make it invisible via CSS. Am I missing something? - Fredrik
  5. Hi, The issue has resolved itself by now. It is actually a limitation of the textarea field in PW 2.7. Sorry for the hassle ^^°
  6. Hm, I have been blessed with a very .. optimistic timeframe for porting this website. But maybe I'll just do a quick backup and give it a go, thanks!
  7. Good to know. I originally wanted to start working with v3 directly, but had to find out that quite many modules are not compatible just yet.
  8. That is definetly the culprit, just changed it and can save the complete article content in just one textarea.
  9. Okay, with 12.000 characters in one blog entry that question is answered, what a bummer .. maybe I will just split the content in 2 textarea fields. I'll have a look if I can find out if there is any way to circumvent this limitation. Thanks a lot
  10. Hi Tom, Just checked the DB, it is set to UTF8 default collation, same as the meta attribute on the frontend/backend. Or is there some other place to set the charset that I missed? If I understand correctly, the $sanitizer should not concern me unless I explicity use it in my templates, correct? Thanks, Fredrik
  11. Could you please advise where to find the maxlength setting for the textarea field on PW 2.7? I seem to be unable to find it in the field editor or in the module configuration ..
  12. Hi, I've started to work with PW about a week ago, and am trying to port one of our websites. The website features a blog, and a long list of testimonials. Setting it all up was more or less straigth forward, and I got it to work like I wanted to in few days tinkering with PW. One big problem which I have encountered while checking the website today after working on the styles a bit, is that all blog articles, all testimonials etc. seen to get trunkated when saved in the database. The last few sentences, or in case of the blog articles the last few hundred words are simply not saved. Has anybody ever encountered this behavior? I'm getting desperate here, in the worst case I will have to again start over with yet another cms Thanks in advance, stipps
  13. I tried out the module in a website I'm just getting ready locally. When editing a blog entry, I noticed that SimpleMDE would always truncate my text. The article had ~1400 words, with about 12000 characters. After saving I ended up with < 1200 words.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the great module! I'm currently in the process of moving our old blog to a new PW page, I'm looking forward to use your blog module. For migrating the old posts, I've encountered one problem: I do not seem to be able to predate the blog posts. As soon as I save the post, the date jumps to todays date. I guess I could change the dates in the database, but it would not be very convenient to do that everytime we need to edit an old post (for example because some links change). Is there any way to make the date field "passive" and just take what it is given? I hope you can understand my question regardles of my bad English. Thanks!
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