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  1. Good question, I normally do the programming and someone else does this, I read it on a post somewhere and when I saw RewriteBase /pw/ in the .htaccess file I went with it. So I just moved it, updated the htaccess to RewriteBase / and SUCCESS!! Thank you so much!
  2. Hello, So I have never used 1and1 before but a client (kinda), has chosen to use them for this project. I have set up a /pw/ folder and ftp all the files into place, changed the config file and .htaccess but all I get now is the home page, whenever I try to go to www.blahblah.de/something I get a 500 error. the domain is pointed to the right folder or nothing would work, I have tried a number of things in the htaccess but nothing changes and the help from 1and1 is pretty terrible. I have uncommented - RewriteBase /pw/ but that doesn't help... Does anybody have some tips I could try, I am really losing it here!
  3. Can someone tell how one does these steps? How do you delete languages? I am sure it is simple but I just can't see it right now. Any help would be appreciated @Sergio Okay, I got it, I'm a dumbass. Its in Setup > languages and then you just delete what is each textarea or text field and enter the text in the language you need. I was looking somewhere in the module settings for how to delete. Thanks
  4. I am really stuck here, the map was working fine a few weeks ago but now the address will not geocode automatically, this is a problem as I could have multiple users adding addresses through the api. I have tried adding $p->trackChange('map'); and similar but everytime I have to go in and click on the address field and then click out of it and it works. Any suggestions? While I am here, how do I get the map markers to not link to a page when someone clicks them.
  5. Hello Kongondo, I have asked on the map maker forum about the geocoding, a few others have too but no one has shined any light on that problem as of yet. I have even tried $user->trackChange('map'); or other variants to no avail. my code for generating the page with the list and map of shopowners: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $items = $users->find("roles=fachhandler"); foreach($items as $item){ $fachhandlerList .= "<div class='row wrap' id='$item->id'> <div class='col-sm-3'> <label for='Firmenname' >Firma:</label><br>$item->name2 </div><!-- /col-sm-3 --> <div class='col-sm-3'> <label for='Fachhändler' >Fachhändler:</label><br>$item->vorname $item->familienname </div><!-- /col-sm-3 --> <div class='col-sm-3'> <label for='Adresse' >Adresse:</label><br> $item->strasse <br> $item->plz $item->ort <br> $item->land </div><!-- /col-sm-3 --> <div class='col-sm-3'> <label for='Kontakt' >Kontakt:</label><br>$item->tel<br>$item->email<br>$item->web </div><!-- /col-sm-3 --> </div><!-- /row wrap -->"; } $map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap'); $options = array('height' => '500px'); $pageMap = $map->render($items, 'map', $options); $content = "<div class='container'> <div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-12 text-center'> <div class = 'jumbotron'> <h2 class = 'whiteHeader'>$title</h2> <div class='heart-rate'> <svg version='1.0' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' xmlns:xlink='http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink' x='0px' y='0px' width='150px' height='73px' viewBox='0 0 150 73' enable-background='new 0 0 150 73' xml:space='preserve'> <polyline fill='none' stroke='#fff' stroke-width='3' stroke-miterlimit='10' points='0,45.486 38.514,45.486 44.595,33.324 50.676,45.486 57.771,45.486 62.838,55.622 71.959,9 80.067,63.729 84.122,45.486 97.297,45.486 103.379,40.419 110.473,45.486 150,45.486'/> </svg> </div> <h3 class = 'whiteHeader'>$summary</h3> </div> </div> </div> <div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-2 cont padBot'> $pageMap </div><!-- /col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-2 --> </div> <div class='row'> <div class='col-sm-12 '> $fachhandlerList </div><!-- /col-sm-12 --> </div><!-- /row --> </div> <!-- /container -->"; I want to href to the id='item->id' instead of /processwire/access/users/ etc. I would rather that than making a page for each user that really doesn't have very much info on it. I have looked through the code in the module file MarkupGoogleMap.js but like I said, my javascript is not so good. Thank you for your help/input.
  6. I am using the fieldtype-map-marker module to show a map of all the users that have logins for my site (shop owners) but the icon links to /processwire/access/users/ etc. I wantde to stop that and href it to a section in a list but my js is not good. My second option is to create a page for that url link but how? Also now after 2 weeks of working the address doesn't geocode when entered through the api to the map field, I must also fix that. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. so I am using this module and it is working great, I figured out that it doesn't render properly in collapse. But now I want to disable or reset what happens when you click on an map marker or icon. I don't want to pass it a url, I want it to href to an id on the same page and I just don't seem to get it, where do I set the url or replace it. Thank you
  8. And the answer to the different maps on Frontend/Backend was?
  9. I need the mail class (or module) to be able to handle attachments... does wiremail allow for that too? Edit: I am slow, yes it does... I'll check it out... thanks Zeka
  10. If I have built a mail class (I made it before I started using processwire), should I make it a module or just include it and go from there?
  11. okay put it live and now getting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /var/www/vhosts/web1.plus-h.de/httpdocs/plus-h.de/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupGoogleRecaptcha/MarkupGoogleRecaptcha.module on line 6 Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' (line 6 of /var/www/vhosts/web1.plus-h.de/httpdocs/plus-h.de/site/modules/MarkupGoogleRecaptcha/MarkupGoogleRecaptcha.module) This error message was shown because: site is in debug mode. ($config->debug = true; => /site/config.php). Error has been logged.
  12. Hey, I'm trying out this module on my site but for $captcha->verifyResponse() I am getting 1 not true? I am workong on localhost which I have added to the domaine list with google so maybe thats the problem? Thanks Gar
  13. ok so I am trying to create a infinte scroll feature for my project, basically I can load as many images as I want at first and then when the user scrolls to the bottom I make an ajax call to dynamically append the divs of content each time. I think I am failing to make the ajax connection, here is my code jQuery: <script> $( () => { let $loading = $( '#loading' ); let win = $( window ); // Each time the user scrolls win.scroll( () => { // End of the document reached? if ( $( document ).height() - win.height() === win.scrollTop() ) { $loading.show(); // show loading gif $.ajax( { // make ajax call, in this url I have made many different attempts url : "ajax.php", type : "POST", success : function() { let el = getNewDiv(); // My function to return the html (below) $( '#infiniteDivs' ).append( el ); $loading.hide(); } } ); } }); } ); </script> Ajax/PW php: $startNumber = 3; function getNewDivs () { $a = $homepage->images; $aSlice = $a->slice(3, 6); $out = ''; $idN = 3; foreach($aSlice as $image) { $idname = 'runner'.$idN; $textName = 'text'.$idN; $out .= ''; $out .= '<img class="lazy" id="'.$idname.'" src="'.$image->url.'"> <p>"'.$homepage->$textName.'"</p>'; $idN++; //echo json_encode($out); } $startNumber = $startNumber + 3; return ($out); Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thanks Gar
  14. @blynx Thank you for the help, got it installed and also working.... Happy days!
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