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  1. Hi, firstly thanks for the awesome module! Just wondering if I install using the second format style so everything is housed in a '/blog' directory... can I then move that blog directory from the root without wrecking anything? My site structure is along the lines of www.root.com/resources/blog/ Much appreciated, Brett
  2. Thanks @adrian worked a treat! Appreciate it.
  3. Hi Adrian, Thanks for this plugin, works great but seems to brake my bookmark functionality. If I try start a new page from a bookmark the subsequent URL seems to have a blank parent_id var attached to the end (see below) and obviously doesn't work. Creating a new page from the tree menu seems to work as per normal though? I'm using the 'Specified Parent' method. Any help appreciated! http://localhost:8888/ragtrade/jobadmin/page/add/?parent_id=1016&parent_id= Cheers, Brett
  4. Thanks very much @Robin S & @horst, excellent options. I think the hide/unhide will be perfect for now. I'll look into hooks at a later date. Appreciate it!
  5. Hey guys, I'm a designer/developer (definitely in that order) very new to Processwire and hoping you can give me some direction on setting up the structure of my first PW site. I'm actually looking at switching an existing site to ProcessWire as it's due for a re-design and I like the functionality/simplicity of the platform. It was originally in wordpress but the client hated the complexity of the admin so I switched to laravel and crafted a really simple admin interface (attached below). Basically the site just lists jobs. Existing jobs are usually set to inactive once their filled. Occasionally a candidate ends up pulling out on a role so the job gets re-instated as active. As you can see it's pretty easy to switch a job from active to in-active and vise versa without having to go in the job and change a field. Is there an easy way to achieve the same functionality within the ProcessWire admin interface? The closest concept I can think of out of the box is having two parent pages 'Active Jobs' and 'Inactive Jobs'. All jobs are child pages and you could simply move/drag jobs between each parent category. But that would change each jobs URL which I don't really want to do... Or would I just have one parent 'Jobs' page and have a checkbox field in my child jobs which sets an active/inactive state. Could I set that state directly from the list of jobs rather than having to go into each page, adjust, save? Any help much appreciated! Cheers, Brett
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