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  1. How to programmatically clear the page cache? I have a page that uses URL Segments. Based on the value of the URL Segment, the content of the page varies. From what I can see, the cache can handle it without a problem. But I have another question. I need to create an API that will clean the cache of selected pages - based on the value of URL Segments or some other value. Is there an API that will allow me to manage the page cache generated by PW?
  2. I always have a problem with writing JSON data to wire ('cache') with this. It would be good if the documentation warned about such behavior. I think the cache should always return data in the format you sent it to.
  3. I have processwire You don't have access to the template required to add pages here (in /wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageAdd/ProcessPageAdd.module line 506) I have ProcessWire 3.0.148. So far it has worked fine, but recently (maybe after an update) I am getting this error. The error appears when you try to add a new subpage using the Superadmin account. I think the superadmin has access to all options? Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? UPDATE: It turned out that my settings in Family did not allow me to create a page from any template due to the configuration. The message misled me a bit;)
  4. Can I convert uploaded images to PNG, GIF, BMP -> JPEG? Is there any function in the API that I can change the file type?
  5. I get error: Recoverable Fatal Error: Object of class DirectoryIterator could not be converted to boolean (line 671 of /home/users/g2s/public_html/automotive2/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/ProcessLanguageTranslator.module) This error message was shown because: site is in debug mode. ($config->debug = true; => /site/config.php). Error has been logged. When i access page /processwire/setup/language-translator/add/?language_id=1017. Latest stable ProcessWire. What can i do? UPDATE ProcessLanguageTranslator.module Line 671: // if(!$dirIterator) return array(); if(!$dirIterator->valid()) return array();
  6. Yes but i want do this in one place. In hooks maybe. I want to do this for the whole site. Not changing every place with ->url()
  7. How can I override the url method to add an extra get parameter to each address? Ex: About page url /about/ like this /about/?param=2
  8. I found it. Missing file: admin.php in templates directory. By the way very helpful would be an error message in this case, or log entry
  9. Exactly. No PHP errors. No errors in PW logs. Server HTTP response 200. I have no idea what to do next
  10. On php 5.4.45 is the same ;/ http://guardianinvestments.pl/admin/
  11. Hi I installed processwire php PHP 5.3.29 and on the login page, I get a white screen. Front-end works without a problem. Any ideas. No errors in the file errors.txt
  12. For me, the ability to crop an image in Variations modal would be sufficient. 1. Thumbnails created automatically. 2. If necessary user could select and crop the image manually. Keeping the size and proportions of the original image. The column "NOTES" should contain information about the image, eg: "Banner image - used on homepage", "The image used in the list of posts." This information can be saved when creating thumbnails $img->size(100,100, 'Post image')->url or using a GUI in the administration panel.
  13. OMG. This field should be in the core. Thx.
  14. Allow easy move & change order with $page API Semething like: $page->moveAfter($page); $page->moveBefore($page); $page->move($parent); // at end of collection
  15. Which version of PW supports InputfieldFieldsetTabOpen? I dont't see this class in 2.6.1
  16. How to change the tab order? I've tried to do this in ProcessPageEdit::buildForm hook, but without success.
  17. I have been busy in this week but this error should be fixed now.
  18. I can't reproduce this error. Can you give me more info? What is the name of this Image field.
  19. Compatibility issue with PW 2.5.x. There is version 1.0.3 on Github.
  20. Hmm... I can't duplicate your error. Check if "Pixlr Image Processing" module is installed. Check also if you have a page in: Pages -> Home -> Admin -> Pages -> Pixlr Image Process
  21. Joey102030 Thanks for your contribution to the development of this module. I've updated the version number to 1.0.2. It is already in the master branch.
  22. I have trouble with Iframe button. Editor saves IFrame placeholder, instead iframe. The final result: <p><img class="cke_iframe" alt="IFrame" title="IFrame" src="/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/ckeditor-4.1.0/plugins/fakeobjects/images/spacer.gif?t=D26E" style="width:600px;height:500px;"><br></p>
  23. For me CTRL+Z works fine (chrome on windows) Is there any chance to include custom.css file in inline editor?
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