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  1. pw 3.0.36 I just installed on a new site and received this warning when I accessed the admin url. SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'ProcessLogger' for key 'class' Is that anything to worry about? The admin and site appear to be working fine. I just want to avoid issues down the road if there is a problem somewhere.
  2. Is it possible to add check boxes in order to select multiple backup files and delete them all at once, rather than having to click each one, then Delete? Also it would be helpful to make the Restore process more distinct from Deleting. I must have inadvertently clicked the wrong button once and restored a backup unintentionally, wiping out a day's work. My mistake of course. I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention.
  3. Love the ListerPro already! This will make my clients happy.
  4. Yes, but I meant Add New - to add a page from the Lister. I thought that was a feature of the Core version, but I had no Add New button.
  5. I purchased the pro version and was able to get the Add button. Not sure what was wrong with it before or whether that's just not available in the core?
  6. With the core version of the Lister module, isn't there supposed to be an Add new button so I can add new pages from the Lister screen? I have two filters set up, with bookmarks, but neither one shows an Add New button at the top of the page. I've tried the default and Reno themes. No button on either one. Lister 0.2.4 Processwire 2.7.3
  7. I have a repeater that consists of an image, url, and a checkbox. When I add an image, the image itself is saved, but when I enter text in the description area and click Save, the description field blanks out. I'm using processwire 2.7.2.
  8. Okay, thanks. So I guess it wasn't as easy as I thought. I actually like what I ended up doing. It allows me to group the sitemap into logical site sections.
  9. I'm trying to create a selector for find() that finds all pages in the site, except the hidden ones. $matches = $pages->find("parent=/"); This works for all except a section I have with a "photos" page as the parent. I use this find() to get the remaining pages. $matches = $pages->find("parent=photos"); I tried several things to combine the two, but nothing worked. Also why doesn't find("parent=/"); find the photo pages also? I guess the photo pages are grandchildren of the root/home page, but is there a way to include them?
  10. I'm creating my first site with PW. I've seen several posts on this and I think I'm doing it the same way, but I can't make this work. I have a repeater set up on a news page. The items display on that page correctly. I also want some of the items from the news repeater to display on the home page. (I'm going to use a checkbox in the repeater to determine which ones, but I can't get any of them to appear right now). The $pages->get() appears to be returning the correct page, but nothing is displayed. I've used the page name and ID in the get(). Code on the news page works correctly: <?php foreach($page->news_items as $news) { echo "<div class='news'>"; echo "<h2>{$news->heading}</h2>"; echo "{$news->body}"; echo "</div> <!-- news -->"; } ?> Code on the home page that DOES NOT work: This code never gets into the foreach loop. The echo "news" line is never printed. No idea what I am missing. <?php $newspage = $pages->get("/union-county-fair-news/"); echo $newspage." page"; foreach($newspage->$news_items as $news) { echo "news".$news; if ($news->show_home_page == 1) { echo "checked"; echo "<div class='news'>"; echo "<h2>{$news->heading}</h2>"; echo "{$news->body}"; echo "</div> <!-- news -->"; } } ?>
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