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  1. I'm gonna try to find a solution by myself. Thank you for the advises!
  2. I pasted your code in the foreach that I use to generate each media of the feed: $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->insta_image->add($media['images']['standard_resolution']['url']); $page->save("insta_image"); It returns me this error, which is weird because you already disabled the output formatting: Error: Exception: Can't save field from page 1: /: Call $page->setOutputFormatting(false) before getting/setting values that will be modified and saved. [insta_image] (in /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/PagesEditor.php line 783) And there is something else I thought about, each time someone will load the page the images will be saved again, so how could I check if a media is already backed up before saving it?
  3. Thank you very much! I'll try this out and let you know.
  4. Hi everyone, Do you think it would be possible to save the last 20 or so medias (due to instagram sandbox mode), as if they would have been uploaded on the site? In order for them not to disappear when the new posts arrive. Mainly, the idea would be to have the complete feed displayed. I did it manually with the medias urls for now but they keep changing so it's not a very suitable solution… Thanks
  5. Okay, thanks for the explanations.
  6. You're right. I didn't think to check that. It works perfectly now. Thank you!
  7. First of all, great plugin! Two questions: — Is there a way to update the cache every 60 seconds? — Is it possible to access the "high_resolution" endpoints, even though they aren't already implemented in instagram API (files are there but not implemented)?
  8. I have a question about this module, I've followed the installation steps: — created first_name and last_name fields — added those fields to user template Then I created a newsletter template in which I called the module as mentioned: $options = array ( 'markup' => array( 'InputfieldSelect' => array( 'item' => "{out}" ) ), 'classes' => array( 'form' => 'form form__super-special-class', 'InputfieldRadios' => array( 'item' => 'form__item--options' ) ), 'prependMarkup' => "<div>{$page->prepend_markup}</div>", 'appendMarkup' => "<p>{$page->append_markup}</p>" ); echo $modules->get('NewsletterSubscription')->render($options); Finally I created a newsletter page. I can then open the page and subscribe, I receive the confirmation email but when I click on the link I get those errors (even though I appear in the users panel in pw): Error: Exception: Method User::setAndSave does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/Wire.php line 350) #0 [internal function]: Wire->___callUnknown('setAndSave', Array) #1 /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/Wire.php(387): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/Wire.php(325): Wire->runHooks('callUnknown', Array) #3 /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/Wire.php(329): Wire->__call('callUnknown', Array) #4 /home/tenutaxyit/www/wire/core/Wire.php(329): User->callUnknown('setAndSave', Array) #5 /home/tenutaxyit/www/site/modules/NewsletterSubscription/NewsletterSubscription.module(216): Wire->__call('setAndSave', Array) #6 /home/tenutaxyit/www/site/modules/NewsletterSubscription/NewsletterSubscription.module(216): User->setAndSave('status', 1) #7 /home/tenutaxyit/www/site/modules/NewsletterSubscription/NewsletterSubscription.module(93): NewsletterSubscription->validateSubscribeToken() #8 /home/tenutaxyit/www/site/templates/newsletter.php(22): NewsletterSubscri
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