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  1. There's another thread regarding this issue, As a fast workaround you could try to use $sanitizer->textarea() instead, https://processwire.com/api/ref/sanitizer/textarea/ (maxLength to 200, stripTags defaults to true). Or use this simple function:
  2. Lutz


    @Wanze Hm, I wouldn't like to see german umlauts encoded and it shouldn't be necessary, if we use UTF-8. In many cases it should be sufficient to use htmlspecialchars with ENT_QUOTES here. If you see a need to use htmlentities instead, you could flag with ENT_XML1, to avoid encoding äöüß.
  3. Hi @dragan, I'm doing the same, using Rockfinder on the frontend, building my own pagination. b), 'url': since you know the parent (1041), you could query 'name' instead of 'url', and add it to the known path.
  4. My workaround was because of unsorted query results from a Page Reference field inside a Repeater Matrix field. If you can use $pages->find(), the results should get sorted: Try loadOptions and set joinSortfield to true. Test: $items = $pages->getById([1182,1061,1079,1082]); d($items); The result is a PageArray, the items => array is sorted in the order of the ids in your selector. Update: It doesn't seem to work with $pages->find(), but you can use $pages->getById.
  5. Hi Torsten thanks for the question, I also stumbled upon this problem and couldn't find a solution so far. There are simple solutions in ExpressionEngine and Craft (https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/channels/entries.html#fixed_order, https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/dev/element-queries/entry-queries.html#fixedorder), maybe I missed something. Here's a workaround, temporary test code from a current project: $itemIdsA ia an array of ids, $finder3A is an array with results from a rockfinder query. if(count($itemIdsA)) { foreach($itemIdsA as $key => $value) { foreach($finder3A as $item) { if($value == $item['id']) { echo '<li>'; $datumVon = strtotime($item['datum_von']); echo 'Autor: ' . $item['autoren_title'] . ' / Datum: ' . date('d.m.Y H:i', $datumVon) . '<br />'; echo '<h3>' . $item['title'] . '</h3>'; echo '<p>' . $item['teaser'] . '</p>'; if(isset($pma[$item['id']])){ echo '<p>Test Anzahl Leserbriefe: ' . $pma[$item['id']][0] . '</p>'; } echo '</li>'; } } } }
  6. It was closed on 10 Jun 2016, but it's still (or again) an issue (PW 3.0.132).
  7. @kongondo Yes, thank you, this is what I had expected and hoped for. My question was in terms of scalability, regarding file system limits. In PW, files are stored in subdirectories under /site/assets/files, therefore we normally have to deal with max directory limits (e.g. 32k). We have $config->pagefileExtendedPaths, but it's marked as beta. So as you mentioned +500k, I hoped for an info regarding the stability of pagefileExtendedPaths (or another way to avoid collisions with max directory limits). When they manage +500k, did they enable pagefileExtendedPaths?
  8. @kongondo To prevent a misunderstanding: each media is stored in the database, not in the file system?
  9. @kongondo Good to know (+500k), do they use $config->pagefileExtendedPaths, an unlimited file system or are there special features of the Media Manager for storing the images?
  10. @adrian I think we were wrong. $pages->get() should return a NullPage, but with $categories->get() you are using WireArray::get()!?
  11. You are right: $categories returns a PageArray, so I thought that get() should return a NullPage in both cases.
  12. get() should return a NullPage in both cases, if $categories returns a PageArray. Since find() could return a PageArray or an array: what does $categories return?
  13. @teppo Thank you very much. Yes, I plan to go with ProCache and to avoid template caching for most of the templates. I think I misunderstood the comment of Soma regarding the template cache problem, thanks for the hint.
  14. Ok, I read the issue 432 thread again, so yes, the need to "revisit" (Ryan) could refer to the implementation of the template cache only. However, it would be good to know if pagefileExtendedPaths is a reliable option and I'm glad that you suspect that this is true.
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