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  1. @adrian: I tested 2.0.5, everything worked as expected. Another improvement, thanks! Just for the records, I only tested importing TSV by clipboard, not to import a CSV file. All possible variants: TSV with two columns, four columns (no empty cells and rows with two empty columns), TSV with five columns--into the mentioned field with four columns.
  2. @adrian, good idea, yes, I will have a look...
  3. Good to know, and yep: "this approach seemed the simplest without messing with anything else". So, I'm happy with that solution. This last problem wasn't a deal-breaker, of course. However, it's great to have this new flexibility. You know, it's good to keep things simple for the ones who use those featuers to import just by copy and paste from Excel--even though they lack any experience in using CSV/TSV... Thanks again.
  4. Adrian, just finished some tests, everything seems to work as expected now! I thought for a moment we could loop with a while instead of the foreach($data as $subfieldKey => $fieldValue), using $i (number of subfieldNames). But the array_push does it. Great response time, thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Adrian, works well when I import records like the one I sent. However, when I try to copy the two required columns only, I get the error I mentioned above. The expected behavior would be that just the two required columns were filled out, but again I got the word "Session" placed in the first empty column. Field: four columns, two of them required. CSV: two columns (for events that just needs a start and an end date set). 2018-2-25 12:00 2018-2-25 14:00
  6. Hi Adrian, I have a field with four columns: von (DateTime) | bis (DateTime) | session (Text, optional) | notiz (Text, optional) Import works with: 2017-10-11 8:00 2017-10-11 9:00 Session 1 Notiz zu Session 1 Error in Table like described when importing: 2017-11-10 8:00 2017-11-10 10:00 (CSV, replace comma with tab: date,date,,) Result is: 2017-11-10 8:00 |2017-11-10 10:00 | Session | Thank you.