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  1. This is a great idea. The more examples that are available of how to get started, the better. Even though I think I have got over the earliest teething troubles of using ProcessWire, I look forward to downloading this profile when it is released. I am sure I will learn loads more from it!
  2. Once I got over the hurdle of looking for complexity that wasn't there it's all starting to become really rather obvious. Several times today I have sat looking at the browser just amazed at how easy ProcessWire makes things. Most of the time, the API is so intuitive that I've guessed the correct call! In just a few hours I have the skeleton of a site, with a page hierarchy several levels deep, and it all just works! Ryan, you're a genius!
  3. That's great, thanks Ryan. It's just me being set in my ways and having my own naming style for fields and page elements (includes and such) - that I have got used to from using more basic frameworks like CodeIgniter and such. <edit>Followed Ryan's instructions, and there was a bit more deleting to do in Admin > Pages before it would let me delete Search, but now I'm where I (mistakenly? :- ) wanted to be.</edit>
  4. I am struggling with the easiest things! My initial problem is how do I get a 'clean' ProcessWire installation to start a project? If there isn't (and there doesn't seem to be) a download without example data, what do I need to delete, and in what order (in both the admin backend and the /site/ folder)? I am sure ProcessWire is right for at least one project I have in the pipeline, but (and this is surely down to me) I'm finding the learning curve very steep initially.
  5. Shouldn't that be explode? $quotes = explode("\n", $page->quotes);
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