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  1. Hi everyone. I had terrible thing happen to my web site, hackers got to it and now I have to clean up the mess... I got new 'wire' folder, and did upgrade since the site is already broken. I use to get the message above, but I change debug to true like Ryan suggested, and now it says Fatal error: Exception: Required PDO class (database) not found - please add PDO support to your PHP Error: Exception: Required PDO class (database) not found - please add PDO support to your PHP. (in /home/elmode90/public_html/jewelrybythesea.com/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 186) Any ideas? I am pretty upset by this....
  2. Database user password changed in admin on the hosting and now my site says this: Unable to complete this request due to an error. Error has been logged. Can someone help!
  3. cstevensjr,I took your suggestion to tech support @ hosting and it seems like everything works fine! Of coarse it took multiple emails to actually get them to do it Shared hosting as a huge pain but can u beat $70/yr? Thank you so much everybody!!!
  4. cstevensjr, This is my wamp stuff: Apache Version :2.4.2 PHP Version :5.4.3 MySQL Version :5.5.24 Never had a problem on the local machine. Also, the load time is usually fine. Yes, we understand that there is not much to be expected from a cheapy shared hosting still I would like to save the option of moving the site for last resort. This is not a commercial site so we would like to keep $$$ down To get around 'no Save button' issue, I reload the page until it comes up complete (occasionally I have to give up and come back earlier in a day, when it works fine) Wanze This is the typical errors I wave been getting in my inbox for a while (over a year). I always assumed that my customer is trying to upload really big images But now I see that it is not the case. I am not sure how to check for js errors Thank you
  5. cstevensjr,Site is hosted on shared linux server with FastWebPro Indian guys Apache version 2.2.29 PHP version 5.3.29 MySQL version 5.1.73-cll Site: Bootstrap - latest (v3.3.4), ProcessWire - I installed latest stable, noticed errors, rolled back to 2.4.0 it was running before but the problem persists. There actually no modules I am using...everything is done with templates. First I noticed this when I migrated updates from my local machine to live site and then was trying to post a few things, half the time page loaded without "Save" button. Content is maintained by my customer, so I was going to ask him tonight if he ever saw this before and when did it start. Right now it is 3 PM and everything is running without a hitch but this is a hobbyist site so naturally most updating and visits are happening in the evening o_0 Thank you for looking into this, I had problem with those guys before and it usually is hard unless I can tell them what is going on...
  6. Dear community, I discovered an annoying and unpleasant circumstance....http://www.newmarketnhhistoricalsociety.org/ In the evenings (Eastern time), probably due to the sluggish server both front and admin pages load incompletely. On the front end the footer often fails to load, and on the admin end pages often come up without "Save" button. It is really frustrating because I have to reload the page, some times many time until I get the whole page with "Save" button What will be even more frustrating is when the customer will ask me about this!! Never saw this on my local machine so I just assume its the server, but it would be better I guess if it took longer to load but the page would arrive complete eventually. I also don't think I ever saw this until upgrading Processwire a week ago, but I only do updates once a year Please help with your advice, is there anything I can do on my end? Thank you, Svet
  7. Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to ProcessPageEditImageSelect::getImages() must be an instance of Page, null given, called in /home/newma121/public_html/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageEditImageSelect/ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module on line 179 and defined (line 129 of /home/newma121/public_html/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageEditImageSelect/ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. Administrator has been notified.
  8. Fixed how? Got the 2.5.3 and having this issue... Please help!
  9. Hi everyone, I know a lot of you are specialists in this so I figure I ask before I break something... On my web site, the processwire is running at the root: http://newmarketnhhistoricalsociety.org but I also have a separate web site 'piwigo' which is an image gallery and it lives here: http://newmarketnhhistoricalsociety.org/gallery/ Right now processwire intercepts the requests that come from piwigo admin to its database and throws them out, I get "ProcessWire Error Notification" email. I think that I can exclude the 'gallery' directory from pw authority using htaccess file, but hoping someone can help me with syntax so I don't get myself into even more trouble... Thank you very much... Svet
  10. Wish there was an answer to this. After upgrading to 2.4.0 I try to upload image and it says: Error writing to /tmp. Please define $config->uploadTmpDir and ensure it is writable I do have tmp directory at the root and it is writable (0777) . If someone knows how to fix this please share!
  11. I am not sure how others get around this, but I found out that filters on your renderCheckout() function in ShoppingCheckout.module were not working. $this->input->urlSegment1 == $this->completedUrlSegment would not return the right values so the function always defaulted to ->renderInformation Here is how I fixed this part: public function renderCheckout() { if (strstr($this->page->url, 'confirmation')) { $out = $this->renderConfirmation(); } else if (strstr($this->page->url, 'payment')) { $out = $this->renderPayment(); } else if (strstr($this->page->url, 'completed')) { $out = $this->renderCompleted(); } else { $out = $this->renderInformation(); //$out = $this->page->url; } return $out; } See some other errors connected to the session and clicking the back button on the browser, but I will try to use this
  12. Hello, I had a site that was running Processwire 2.x, 2010 Today I came to discover that the site is abcent (down). Root url http://jewelrybytheseanh.com/ gives absolutely blank page, so is http://jewelrybytheseanh.com/processwire I checked the database and it seems to be healthy. Not sure what to do next. Thanks, Svet
  13. I just have to say... Had the same issue today. This thread got me thinking, so I broke up my content into smaller pieces and kept troubleshooting until I found the offender! It was / - only little backslash character that caused me so much brain pain. Another one was word "CD"...bewildered! After I got rid of it, everything worked for me. So thanks Ryan and hope this helps someone. And - Pete - yes, the server has mod_security (which can cause trouble for developer) Regards, Svet
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