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  1. Thanks, Arjen for your help! I found a solution in your post: I guess this is developer-basics. Now I learned this one too. Thank you! And yes, you are right. I've indeed searched, but not so thoroughly I probably should. I'm a little bit in a hurry right now. Sorry and Thanks again! @diogo: Thank you too Didn't saw your post. This was what I did.
  2. How can I identify the current position of a page in a page array? I just want to know if the position is odd or even, to alternately place an image left or right. Lets say I have this code: if($page->children) { foreach($page->children as $child) { // ... if($child->... position is odd ...) { echo "<div class='image_left'> ..."; } if($child->... position is even ...) { echo "<div class='image_right'> ..."; } // ... } } How can I identify if the current position of the page in the page array is odd or even? Thank you
  3. Is ImageExtra working in repeaters? I can't save the description and caption fields and also not delete the image. (see screenshot) I use ImageExtra with an image slider on the same website and it is working fine. But in this repeater it's not ... So it seems I can't use an image in a repeater in this website? (This would spoil the plan ) Any ideas? Thanks! Update: Not sure if this has to do with ImageExtra at all. The whole repeater doesn't seem to work. If I put text in a text-field and save: the text is gone after saving. Don't know what is wrong here ... Update: The problem is that these field dependencies don't work in repeaters. Sorry for blaming the Module Thanks for the great work!
  4. In the Admin I use a "fieldtype options radio button (single value)" to display different fields depending on which radio button is clicked. My issue in short is, that I get it working with one radio button. But not if I use two which are nested. Let me explain: This is the fieldtype setup for the radio button: If I want a field to only display if the 1. radio button is clicked I specify his "show if - behavior" like this: This works like a charme. No question. But if I add a second radio button (pair) with the following setup: ... which only shows if the 1. of the first radio button (pair) is clicked, like this: I get in trouble ... Btw this second radio button (pair) should allow me again to display different fields dependent on which radio button is clicked. Lets say I want to display a field only if the 2. of the second radio button pair is clicked - and therefore the 1. of the first radio button pair has to be clicked before, I thought I had to do this: But this doesn't work! The field is always displayed, also if I click the 1. of the second radio button pair. So how can I assign these multiple conditions correctly? Thank you for any hint on this
  5. Hi Bernhard, Hi Horst, thank you for your responses! After some days of travelling I've now time to look at this again. I understand that these issues have to do with the fact that when bootstrapping PW there is no outputformatting. Thanks for the clarification! I followed Berhards 1. suggestion and it is working. I thought I have to put these ajax-files in the root but obvioulsy thats not the case. I can put them in the templates directory - if I also create a page for that. (That I missed earlier). Thank you both
  6. I' m trying to get an ajax call working - so that if a user clicks a button a paragraph of text is changing (among other things). The php-file handling the call is in the root directory and bootstrapped. This is the code at issue: <?php // bootstrap ProcessWire // Because this file isn't - and can't be - in the templates directory // see: include('../index.php'); $nlPage = $wire->pages->get("/newsletter/"); $newText = $nlPage->text_without_p_tags; echo $newText; ?> This should return plain text without <p> tags because the field is formatted with "Paragraph Stripper". If I output this 3 lines of code through a regular template file It works like expected but this file returns the text with <p> tags. I would like to know why this is so and how I can solve it. There must be something going on with the bootstrapping or I just don't get it ... Another thing is that if I want to resize and output an image with the field set to "maximum file 1" - thus just one image - to get it working I have to handle it as an array. This confuses me somehow ... Thanks for any help on this!
  7. Thanks, Diogo! Brilliant idea This way I realized that I somehow mixed up the stylesheets. My contents-inline.css was basically the same like contents.css. Don't know how this happened I've copied now the right one out of the wire-directory and the bullet-points show up. Just a few small changes yet and we are ready to go Thanks again!
  8. I'm having an issue with list-style-type in Inline Editor. A normal list ... <ul> <li>...</li> <li>...</li> </ul> looks in my Inline Editor like this: In the Regular Editor it looks how expected: I tried to modify the contents-inline.css with the following code to let the bullet points appear and the spaces between list-points disappear but no result. ul li { list-style-type: disc; margin: 0; padding: 0; } Has anyone an idea whats going wrong here? Thank you! (ProcessWire 2.6.1, CKEditor 4.4.6)
  9. So, a little update here: I'm still working on this. What I can add to what I already reported is that I get the following error if I upload an image larger than ax. 3MB: TypeError: response is null if(response.error !== undefined) response = [response]; (This is in FF. In Safari and Chrom I get similar errors.) Hints this to the assumed issue with memory_limit and / or post_max_size? Furthermore I spoke with the hoster again. php-values are: memory_limit = 60M (Maximum) post_max_size = 8M (can be increased) upload_max_filesize = 40M (can be increased) max_execution_time = 20 (Maximum) With .user.ini in root I set the following php values. Changes take effect also in subdirectories: memory_limit = 256M post_max_size = 200M upload_max_filesize = 150M max_execution_time = 100 But no effects, same error. I guess hosting restrictions espacially memory_limit don't allow upload of larger images. Am I right? Or does anyone has another idea? Thanks! PS: I am building this site for a company with some fashion shops. So image upload is an important feature. They get images by their photographer up to sometimes 6-8MB. I am very happy with what I could buildt for them so fare. Thanks to PW the update process will be very easy, fast and effective for them. I would love to see image upload also function as easy - without them having to resize the images before. I'm aware that this might be not possible because of the hosting restrictions. But before I consider other possibilities like Client Side Image Resizing or changing the host I want to be sure to do all I can to make it work in this envirmonment. Any help is very much appreciated!
  10. Which directory would that be? In phpinfo I find these values: memory_limit 120M post_max_size 8M upload_max_filesize 40M I can upload up to ax. 3MB. I tried several files with 4 and 7MB which don't upoload.
  11. Ok, this was a "quickshot", sorry I found an possible answer here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10093-creating-editor-role-to-delete-only-specific-pages Will try this tomorrow Edit (tomorrow): Yes, this worked for me
  12. I just asked myself the same thing. Is this possible? Thank you!
  13. Thank you, pwired! Safe mode is off. I just checked this with phpinfo. Should this be on? I'm on shared hosting. I've already tried to change these values with php.ini, which I uploaded in the pw-root. I checked then the values with phpinfo. In the root folder the changes took effect but not in the subfolders. Somewhere I've read that the php.ini file has to be also in all (or some) subfolders. Is this correct? And which subfolders would this be in PW? Thank you! PS: The issue is: I can only upload images with a file size up to ax. 3MB. I searched the forum and guessed this could have to do with memory_limit and post_max_size.
  14. If I want to increase php memory-limit and post_max_size would adding these lines in .htaccess do it? (If the limits of the Hoster allowed it): <IfModule mod_php5.c> ... php_value memory_limit 256M php_value post_max_size 256M php_value upload_max_filesize 200M </IfModule> Thanks!
  15. Thank you! This additional information was important for me. I just realized that I can't use these two selectors. I use now page->id. This should work Thanks a lot!
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