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  1. Maxf5 - I mean the #1 scrollbar in your graphic. The form scrollbar, not the webpage scrollbar. Monchu - I found Options A, B, and C in the FormBuilder. I bet you are right but I can only enter "content" and would have to get the web host programmer to do Options B or C and it looks like he would have to do this every time I created a form since it requires the form name in the settings. Thanks.
  2. Not sure what you mean by "Do you see something else?". So you're saying it is the browser causing it and not formbuilder and I'm SOL.
  3. When I create a form with FormBuilder, is there a way to stop it from showing the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the form page??? For example look at this page. http://www.cji.edu/registration/reg-lemd/?course_name=Effective Report Writing&course_date=December 6, 2017 Why does it even have a scroll bar?
  4. I really know nothing about ProcessWire, but my site, www.cji.edu, was created with it. On our home page we have a "Search" field. How do you search for a "Date" like "May 5"? "May" by itself doesn't work (maybe it is to short). "June" works by itself but not if you also have a number with it like "June 21". Are there configuration changes that our WebSite Host can make to fix these situations? Thanks.
  5. I have a form that I need to send to different email addresses based on the course_name. I can pass the course_name variable like registrations/test/?course_name=Computers How do I add a variable so I can also send it to whatever email address I need??? Or to say it another way: How can I populate the "Email addresses to send form results to" by passing a url variable??? or can I???
  6. I got it to work!!! I was putting the variable in the wrong place. At first I did this: form-builder/test/?course_name=Intro%20to%20Computers The form-builder should really just be: form-builder/test and the link calling it should be: /registrations/test/?course_name=Intro%20to%20Computers this calls the form and puts the variable into the course_name field like it is suppose too.
  7. Background: Our website is hosted and they use processwire. I can update information and create forms on the website but I do not do any programming or settings in processwire. So I'm really a processwire noob. So is it possible for me to have a url like /registration/intro-to-computers/?name="Intro to Computers" and then on the form that I've created to have the name field on the form to autopopulate to "Intro to Computers"??? This way I can create my urls for many different classes and use 1 form and not make the student type in the class name each time they register. thanks in advance.
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