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  1. Yes, it was my main fear and I am now reassured after our discussion, especially for the SEO part. I also deduce that unless somebody knows the paths and resources it is highly unlikely to be able to guess and find them by tinkering the urls. So everything, I hope, should go. Thank you so much for all these clarifications! 😉
  2. Hi @kongondo, First of all thank you for the welcome message and for taking the time to answer me! :) Then and indeed, I probably lacked clarity and it may be questioning around a non-problem. We fully agree on the principle that these are public content, by confidentiality I mean that each entity should be considered as not hosting another compared to the file tree. To further illustrate my previous post, let's say that for example I have two separate sites on the same PW installation. A site for artists and a site for cars with respectively a "site-artists" and a "site-cars" folders. I don't really understand the logic of making it possible to access the resources of one site or another by simply modifying the url. It seems to me that this does not happen in a Wordpress multisite network environment (but maybe I'm wrong) and that the cars site should not have access to the artists site, and vice versa. cars.com/site-artists/images/david-bowie.jpg artists.com/site-cars/images/volkswagen.jpg That said, after performing some initial tests with the "Httrack" site vacuum tool, nothing was recovered outside the domains concerned, even the main domain did not manage to recover the contents of the hosted sites, I imagine that this is linked to the fact that no resources clearly point to the other entities. So far so good! Thank you again for your help and your attention. :)
  3. Hello again everyone! Nobody for my multisite problematic? Sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum or if I am not been clear enough (I'm not English fluent). Maybe I have to do some terrible htaccess wicked magic or to separate my PW installations? But if there is an option somewhere and easy good pratices, you are welcome too!
  4. Hello everyone, I recently started using ProcessWire and already manage to accomplish several things on my own, but I keep asking myself a lot of questions, among which the following: After installing a multiple sites version (first method), everything works for now as desired, but I realize that all the files seem accessible by all the domains. Let's say that site1.com can access the asset files, template or other ressources of site2.com folders and vice versa by specifying only and for example: site1.com/path_to_a_site2_folder/one_file or site2.com/path_to_a_site1_folder/one_file Would you know if there is a simple way to prohibit this kind of behavior in order to clearly distinguish each site and thus ensure the confidentiality and separation of content? I prefer to avoid the entities to be considered as a single set by crawlers and prevent access the elements belonging to each domain from another domain. Thanks for your help. Sébastien.
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