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  1. wtf with module and this page http://modules.processwire.com ? They show that there are updatetes for almost every module every day but...
  2. After adding this piece of code I had a problem with the URLs (/information/, /show-all/ etc. ). This manifested itself even in the names of pictures.(trash.png, showreel.png) The problem is that you forgot to put the points. Right? <denyUrlSequences> <add sequence=".inc" /> <add sequence=".info" /> <add sequence=".sh" /> <add sequence=".sql" /> <add sequence="\..*" /> </denyUrlSequences>
  3. Oh, man. Thanks a lot. First variant solved my problem. Nice support!!!!
  4. I can't save russian text in any field. You can look on my phpinfo http://nbs.kiev.ua/test.php. PCRE ver. is 7.6 2008-01-28. field_title charset is utf8_general_ci. Thnk for your quick answer and sorry for my english.
  5. I have the same problem on ProcessWire 2.1.0. Can you help me?
  6. Hurrah! finally. it works well. Until then, I have never met such use of roles. I'll know. Thank you! For back- or frontend? My offer of help with translation into Russian is still valid!
  7. one of my bugs are - what you must give the possibility to edit "Ноmе" page so that you could edit "News" page. otherwise we get admin page without a list of all pages. Also there is a discrepancy in the admin page and AdminBar. If we disable the "ProcessPageList" then in the admin page shows "You don't have permission to execute this Process: ProcessPageList" but AdminBar everything works fine. The ideal option would be to give the user the authority to work in one section of the site, while other sections to which it does not have access to better make invisible. I will still describe noticed if you understand my half Google translator language. ;D
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Half of the necessary capabilities - implemented, but still, the system access distribution has many bugs that let you crap away the main admin. p.s. sorry for my english.
  9. Someone has ideas about creating additional admin site that will have access to edit only a particular section of content? For example, several editors for the section "news " and a few for "articles" etc.
  10. Nice advice. After global cleaning and re-installation everything work correct!! Thanks a lot.
  11. Does anyone have this problem with a sitemap? I solved it only in this way - file: /public_html/site/modules/AdminBar/AdminBar.module 220: <li><a href='{$this->config->urls->admin}adminbar/ab-sitemap/?curPageId={$this->page->id}{$modalGet}' class='{$modalClass} pages'>View sitemap</a></li> delete: ab-sitemap/ 220: <li><a href='{$this->config->urls->admin}adminbar/?curPageId={$this->page->id}{$modalGet}' class='{$modalClass} pages'>View sitemap</a></li> So now it works fine
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