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  1. This line helped me: $m->save('gruppenzuordnung'); Tank you, guys!
  2. Hello, it ist frustrating: if I remove an item of a repeater with help of the API, all images in my page get lost. I have absolutly no idea, why. $gruppe = (int) $input->get->gruppe; $mitarbeiter = (int) $input->get->mitarbeiter; $m = $pages->get($mitarbeiter); $m->of(false); $delGruppe = $m->gruppenzuordnung->get("gruppe=".$gruppe); $m->gruppenzuordnung->remove($delGruppe); // If I remove this line, no images are lost $m->save(); The lost image is in $m->image. It has nothing to do with the repeater $m->gruppenzuordnung. They remain on the server as file, but not in the database. Has any one an idea? thx, sekru
  3. Hello, i'm not familiar with GitHup, so i post it here. I've noticed a strange bug: I have a RepeaterMatrix and added a type called "gallery" with a field called "images2". I put some images in there – ok. To show the number of images in die Item header, I add this in the RepeaterMatrix: {matrix_label} [• {images2.count} Bilder]. Now I want to add some more pictures, but these pictures don't appear! If I remove the "{images2.count}" from Item header, the "lost" pictures suddenly appear. If I add it again, they're gone. Is'nt it crazy? It took me some time, to find the connection between the problem and the counter in the item header... I'm using the latest dev-Version 3.0.32. If it is a bug, can someone add it on GitHub? Thanks, sekru
  4. Cache and cookies are not the problem. Same error ( ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE ) in Google Chrome. It took only half of a second till the connection is "interrupted". I tested it with PHP 5.6 (modul), PHP 5.6 (CGI) and PHP 7 (CGI). It's always the same.
  5. PHP 5.6 is the same problem. I tested on the same server. I guess, it's a problem on this server. But I have no idea to solve it.
  6. Hello, I have a problem on my production web server (All inkl, Germany). I can not save pages with a Repeater and an Image inside there. Firefox says: "Error: Connection interrupted". Nothing in the ProcessWire-Logs. The Problem only appers, if the Repeater-Field ist loaded/opened. Otherwise everything is ok. Has anybody an idea, how I can narrow down the problem? PW 3.0.22 (and 17), PHP 7.0.6 Thanks sekru
  7. sekru

    I deleted the German language out of the backend. This solves the problem! Now everything works as expected. Thank you for reporting the bug und for helping, Raymond. I wait for a fix...
  8. sekru

    "Time Input Format Code" is empty. Btw, this field is labled "Deutsch", which is the name of my language pack. (Shouldn't there be a Field "default"?) If I chose the german language in my profile and put "H:i" in "Time Input Format Code", then I see a date and time in my Datetime field. But after saving, the time is 00:00. Maybe because of "Time input format" is "none" (and I can not change ist – that's the problem).
  9. Hello, i'm new to processwire and love how fast i can to big things with it! Thanks, Ryan, for everything. I have a problem editing a Datetime field: If a change the "Time input format" from "None" to "17:10" and click on "Save", the value changes back to "None". Even the "Date input format ist not changeable. If i hack this field in the MySQL database directly ("fields" table, column "data"), the value changes. I have the german language pack installed, but even in default mode there is the problem. Is it a bug? I want to build a list of events, which could be edited for germans Hope somebody can help me. sekru