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  1. Thank you very much! The solution with the ready.php worked perfectly! 🙌
  2. I have the following situation: The user can add child-pages to a page and can choose between two different possible templates (On the page with the headline "Add New"). Is it possible to select, which of the two templates is preselected in the pulldown? (Because one is only used in 5% of the cases, but is preselected at the moment). What i tried so far: - I found the "PageAdd module settings" but changeing the order there does not seem to work. - Also the order of the parents "Family" section under "Select the template" does not change anything.
  3. Thank you very much for your help. it worked perfectly! Here is my final code: $zeit_a = strtotime($jahr."-12-01 00:00:00"); $zeit_b = strtotime($jahr."-12-31 23:59:59"); $terminliste=$pages->find("template=repeater_termin_repeater, include=all, sort=termin_datum, termin_datum>=$zeit_a, termin_datum<=$zeit_b"); One other thing i had to figure out after that was the use of ->getForPage() to get access to the "origin" page.
  4. Is there a simple solution to generate (find) and sort an array of repeater field entries, that come from multiple pages? In my case the setup is like this: - I have pages for "theater plays" (storing title, text, artists etc.). - Each of these pages has a repeater field in it for the dates that the play is performed (storing datetime, location, tickets, prices etc.) Now i need to generate an overview showing all the events (Titel and date) that will take place in december. What i managed to do so far is to search for a timespan, but only in one repeaterfield on one page (and the results are not sorted): $zeit_start = strtotime("2021-12-01 00:00:00"); $zeit_end = strtotime("2021-12-31 00:00:00"); $terminliste=$page_play->termin_repeater->find("termin_datum>=$zeit_start , termin_datum<=$zeit_end "); foreach($terminliste as $termin){ // echo $termin->title; } So how can i use "find()" to scan all the repeater field entries of all the pages, and how can i then uns "sort()" to bring them in the right order?
  5. Ok, i was now able to solve this on my own: I had to change "..., include=hidden" to "..., include=all" so it works for non-admin-users.
  6. I ran into the same problem. The selector as mentioned by LostKobrakai works fine for me as admin. But for other users the field appears always empty in Processwire. What permission do i need to give to the user-role to make it work for them? And how do i do that?
  7. I have a repeater field containing a list of pages (each page with people information like first_name, last_name etc.). When i try to sort and display with foreach(), the sorting puts all lowercase-starting entries at the back after Z... My Script: foreach ($group->group_people->sort("person_name") as $person){ echo $person->person_name; } Output: Alberts Bernard Constantin ... Zachary van Bergen The last Name "van Bergen" is lowercase and is put at the end of the sorting array. Is there a way to sort while ignoring upper/lowercase?
  8. I am using ->size() to downsize images on the website. I love to have the original images stored in the backend for possible future changes in resolution. Visitors can access the original (full resolution) images by deleting the size numbers in the url of the image. Is it possible to prohibit access to the original images?
  9. Thank you, i didn't know that. I solved my problem by deleting all existing images in the field with $imgfield->remove($image); before saving the new one with setAndSave()
  10. I save an Image from an URL to an image field using setAndSave(). The image field is set to "Single Item (0 if empty)" and "Maximum Files Allowed = 1". But the line $page->setAndSave('bild', $imgurl); uploads the picture and adds it to the existing one. So there are now a growing number of pictures in my "single item" field. What i expected to happen was, that the new image would overwrite the existing one. Am i doing something wrong or is there another setting that i missed? (Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum.)
  11. Thank you, that was exactly what i was looking for.
  12. Is it possible to hide specific inputfields from specific users/roles? I want the user to be able to edit the page, except a single field in that page. I already found the visibility setting under setup/fields/input but i don't get the right parameters for "Show this field only if ...". I hoped it would be something like "$user!=admin" but this does not work.
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