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  1. Thank you, i didn't know that. I solved my problem by deleting all existing images in the field with $imgfield->remove($image); before saving the new one with setAndSave()
  2. I save an Image from an URL to an image field using setAndSave(). The image field is set to "Single Item (0 if empty)" and "Maximum Files Allowed = 1". But the line $page->setAndSave('bild', $imgurl); uploads the picture and adds it to the existing one. So there are now a growing number of pictures in my "single item" field. What i expected to happen was, that the new image would overwrite the existing one. Am i doing something wrong or is there another setting that i missed? (Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum.)
  3. Thank you, that was exactly what i was looking for.
  4. Is it possible to hide specific inputfields from specific users/roles? I want the user to be able to edit the page, except a single field in that page. I already found the visibility setting under setup/fields/input but i don't get the right parameters for "Show this field only if ...". I hoped it would be something like "$user!=admin" but this does not work.
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