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  1. As far as I understand, this is just a convention. Nothing prevents someone from moving the 1st point to a different location. That was what I wanted to know. That's true, but in this use case I can live with it since it's a small group of users that will be working with it. They know about it and they know the process. The first entry, i.e. the first repeater always exists, under certain circumstances it may be that this first entry has to be corrected, and there it seemed easiest to me to solve this via repeater, that it already offers the possibility to clone the repeater manually by an editor in the backend. i have now solved it with a few lines of jQuery. best thanks so far
  2. hi @Ivan Gretsky, the first repeater always remains the first, the order does not change. in the repeater (they are created with a hook) are time entries and can be duplicated by the editors in the backend, for further editing some fields are necessary, which i don't need in the first repeater. @BitPoet, as far as I understand FieldsetPage doesn't help me at this point, right? thanks a lot so far
  3. Hi, i have tested several things, but not this, but unfortunately this does not work either. thx
  4. I have a repeater field with for example four fields: select option, name, phone, email ... Iwant the select option field not to appear in the first repeater, if i clone the repeater field manually, it should appear in the second repeater. I can't get there with the visibility settings, what are the possibilities? maybe a hoook? If i have to, i can do it with CSS, but i don't want that for now. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I once bought a license years ago, now I wanted to install MM again. I have version 0.12 B, installed with PW 3.0.200 and Jquery File Upload 0.0.9, at first glance everything looks good. I can upload images in the admin, these also appear, but now the curious, as soon as I click on an image on Edit the image is deleted. In the logs also appears "rmdir: Unable to rmdir: /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/". All this is installed on a local environment with DDEV and PHP 7.4 ... Any idea what could be the reason for this? Greetings
  6. Hi BitPoet, it is not forgotten. thank you again for your support, it all worked out in the end. your attached file was a great help to me.
  7. thank you very much, this looks promising. I imagined it to be exactly like your screenshot. i will test it as soon as i am back in the office. unfortunately, that didn't work, so that wasn't the problem. var_dump still says NULL. (I was quite ready to laugh at myself). cheers
  8. Hello all, paginating 'normal' pages and subpages is not a problem, but i have a merged array here that is not working. at the end i would like to have a page that has several areas with pagination. you know this from the admin area, there's an ajax pagination if you have many pages in a tree. something like this: DE 1. News title 2. News title ... 10. News title Pagination for DE 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ... EN 1. News title 2. News title ... 10. News title Pagination for EN 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ... ES 1. News title 2. News title ... 10. News title Pagination for ES 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ... this is the way to build the array: $mailings_natural_sort = $page->children()->each(function ($natural) { $natural->custom_sort = $natural->created; }); $mailings_custom_sort = $page->children("news_alt_date!=''")->each(function ($custom) { $custom->custom_sort = $custom->news_alt_date; }); $all_mailings = $mailings_natural_sort->add($mailings_custom_sort)->sort('custom_sort'); the mailings are still split into languages assigned to backend, that's done here foreach ($languages as $language) { $news_related = $all_mailings->find("refNewsLanguages=$language, listMailing=0, start=0, limit=10"); if (count($news_related)) { foreach ($news_related as $mailing) { // list news } // for testing // echo $news_related; // returns 10400|10668|10610|10217|10580|10653|10598|10631|10566|10625 // why this not work? $pagination = $news_related->renderPages(); echo $pagination; // returns nothing, nada, zero } } the prerequisite for pagination is given, "Allow Page Numbers" enabled on the list page. why this not work? and has anyone ever implemented pagination with ajax and has an example of it? for relevant hints will ich auch einen Kasten Spezi springen lassen ?
  9. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your fantastic support yesterday and today.
  10. Hi kongondo, same as @dynweb Version "Media Manager (Process) v0.1.2 β" The Download link from your email results in a 404?!
  11. Hi kongondo, unfortunately i have the same problem, some thumbnails are not displayed. the workaround from the troubleshooting page did not help either. Setup: ProcessWire 3.0.148 PHP Version 7.3.25 FPM/FastCGI mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev thx
  12. For the time being i have upgraded to version 3.0.148, with this version there are no problems. thanks so far
  13. Hello to all, some time ago i updated from 3.0.123 to 3.01.65 and noticed that the following selector does not work anymore on a multilingual site. the languages are "de" and "en". $list= $pages->find("template=tpl1|tpl2, title!^='disable-', sort=-date, limit=3"); with PW 3.0.123 this worked wonderfully, the result was for example 3 pages in "de" and "en". with PW 3.0.165 I get the 3 pages only in "de", which is the default language, but nothing in "en". what has changed, why does this selector no longer work? thanks a lot in advance
  14. Hi kongondo, unfortunately it is not possible for me to give you access to the site, otherwise I would have done it long ago. The client takes the topic GDPR very seriously and access for third parties is difficult. However, I've gotten the client to the point where we're changing the hosting, because there are other problems in this setup as well. I will definitely get back to you and report on the further progress. Thanks also for the support via mail. Cheers
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