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  1. we cannot talk about forum software here without mentioning https://xenforo.com/ πŸ™‚
  2. Needless to say, that's exactly how it works. Thanks again, you two. Greetings
  3. thanks first. as soon as i get back to the office, i'm gonna go test this out. as louis suggested, maybe it could work out that way: "salutation" => $user->my_field->title; currently, it's like this "salutation" => $user->my_field; and only the ID goes out there. vor lauter bΓ€umen und so ... thx
  4. hi @MoritzLost, you are right of course, normally i don't have to change the format, but in this case i send the information to an external source (subscribe newsletter) that can only handle values like "mr" or "ms". (to complete it: via the LoginRegister module a user is registered and at the same time the newsletter registration is done) sorry if the information comes in bits and pieces, but i thought if i write the following, as described in the document 1=mr|Mr that in this case ProcessWire will take the value instead of the ID when the input radio is rendered. it seems i was on the wrong track πŸ™‚ greetings & servus
  5. hi @louisstephens, thank you, of course it works that way too, but i use the option field in the user-template in connection with the loginregister module and i wanted to avoid hooks or something like that.
  6. Hello, everyone, i have created a radio field as follows 1=Mr|Mr 2=Ms|Ms the following is output in the source code: <input type="radio" name="name" id="id" class="class" value="1"> but I need: <input type="radio" name="name" id="id" class="class" value="mr"> how do I get the value to be output instead of the id? thx
  7. I'm sorry, maybe I expressed myself a bit unlucky, because what moritz wrote is certainly good and right. it's rather due to my own failings πŸ™‚ i'm trying to solve it now by adding the filename of the pdf file to a repeater field in the user template using jquery and ajax. THX
  8. Hi Moritz, thank you very much! There are some interesting approaches. For another request i can certainly use some of it. but unfortunately i can't realize my intention with it. THX
  9. Hello, i would like to give registered users the possibility to download PDF files. What is the best way to make the user template show which PDFs the user has downloaded? Is this possible? THX
  10. hi teppo, thanks for this module! i have tried something with your module but unfortunately i have not found out how to map the following structure. ul > li.dropdown > ul.dropdown-menu any idea how I can do this?
  11. hello, i have a strange behaviour in this matter. on one page there are two page reference fields which are dependent on each other. the selector string for this is template=foo, refClients=page.refClients, sort=title if i save the page in admin, the selection works, but not via ajax if i stay on the page in admin. as soon as i change source page reference field, it looks like the selector is not working anymore and everything is displayed in target page reference field. maybe someone has an idea what i can do better. thanks a lot
  12. ryan had helped me a few weeks ago via PN. sorry that i didn't write the solution in the forum before. i hope it's no problem that i write the private message here.
  13. grid layout would still be the better option, but there is another way. the following example has a background image and the boxes work similar to masks. you would have to refine it, but it could work like this or similar. https://codepen.io/entschleunigung/pen/rNBqyNj
  14. I think with css grid layout, you can do it.
  15. thank you very much for your reply. I don't think it was apparent from my previous post. in the meantime i read that this version does not supports a multilanguage setup. is that still correct? thx
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