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  1. Hi guys, BitPoet, you were right, it was a mixture of versions/namespaces in the wire folder. I replaced that and now everything works! I was able to update the entire website to the latest Processwire v. 3.0.62. Thank you all for your help! Ian
  2. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly! I'll give it a try then. One quick question, what values should be in the site/config.php, $config->httpHosts line? What I have now is the domain name with and without www. I don't think any changes are required there. No additional errors found in the site/assets/logs errors.txt file. It seems that the Processwire version used is 2.6.18. Thanks for now..
  3. Hello, Today I was playing around with one of my old websites. Specifically with http and https redirection through cPanel as I parked and redirected a new domain on top of the current one. I was able to see the home page and the website fully working. I noticed that my current domain wasn't redirected properly as I could see the website as either http or https on all pages. I know I could have added a code to htaccess file to achieve that, I just wasn't sure how was the Processwire initially configured and set up. Last time I did any updates was more than 2 years ago. So I decided to check the processwire admin setup. Tried to log into my admin panel (using my custom admin login url/page) but nothing happened. Blank page. I simply could not access it. Then all of sudden I received that scary "Internal Server Error" : " Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Error has been logged. Administrator has been notified." Now my first instinct was to check the .htaccess file. But no matter what I did (modifying, restoring from backup, deleting) nothing happened. Then I went to site/config.php file and updated the $config->debug = true; (instead of false) to see the error messages. Here we go: " Fatal error: Class 'ProcessWire\InputfieldText' not found in /home/edwbst/public_html/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldPassword/InputfieldPassword.module on line 17 Warning: class_parents(): Class InputfieldPassword does not exist and could not be loaded in /home/edwbst/public_html/wire/core/Functions.php on line 804 Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in /home/edwbst/public_html/wire/core/Functions.php on line 805 " My web host is using the PHP Version 7.0.26, MariaDB 10.1.28 , and I believe the Processwire version used is from September 2015. I'd appreciate any insights on this error. Thank you! Ian
  4. Hi Gayan, No worries, I understand. .. just started to play around with the template, it looks very neat and professional.. I like it so far:) I'll be back if I come across any issues.. Hope I won't bother you and all the Processwire experts too much;) Gayan, thank you for all your efforts and time creating this great template! Ian
  5. Hi Gayan, .. Appreciate your prompt response. Well, that's what I half-expected. What would you say, how much effort (time/money) would it take to upgrade this to a retina-ready template? Thanks, Ian
  6. Hello Gayan, .. a long time lurker here, your great theme provoked me to finally make a post;) Apologies, if this was asked/answered before but is your theme retina ready? Thank you, Ian
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