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  1. Same problem here
  2. Is it possible to create a weight-based shipping option? That way we could assign each product (and each variation) a weight and the shipping would be calculated on the cart total weight...
  3. Currently when you upload images in PW, they are display in the order that they finished uploading - not necessarily in the order that they need to be in. I have a client that will be uploading approx. 100 images per page and needs them in filename order so that he can annotate each image using the description box. I can get PW to spit out the live page in the correct order: $images = $page->images->sort('name'); But this only works on the live page, which means that inside PW it is still a bit of a mess and my client still needs to reshuffle the images by hand in order to get the annotation right. Is there a way to get PW to sort the uploaded images in the page editor?
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