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  1. Thanks Didjee! I've updated the git repo with your fix.
  2. This looks awesome Ryan amazing work! Its input field setup in the page edit process would look just like ryan’s here, showing blocks with the child pages’ fields. The editor could choose from the allowed templates for new child pages. And in templates the field would directly provide the page array like in repeatable elements. Totally agree with this
  3. I love love love this theme. But I'm very particular I've made a branch and simplified it a little further and changed things to my taste. Please feel free to fork yourselves. In short, I've disabled the animation, got rid of the sidebar and changed the fonts back to your standard Arial. Screenshots: http://cloud.alasdairmonk.com/472Y0B1k2r3Q1I472m0X/o http://cloud.alasdairmonk.com/1d1E2s2S2I1t2s163537/o Github Download: https://github.com/almonk/Al-s-Futura-PW-Theme
  4. No plans to support this. But it is open source, please fork and make any enhancements.
  5. Great! Been really looking forward to an improved UI for repeatable elements for a while.
  6. I recently made a few custom modules for a client (sadly not able to share) that required quite an 'app like' environment. While Apeisa is busy working on the updates to his clean admin theme that I have designed, I thought I'd put together a different theme entirely. This theme uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is really nice if you haven't already tried it. There's quite a few nasty hacks that I've had to do to skew PW to fit the framework, but none of it is too apparent to the user. You can fork the code here (git clone into a folder called templates-admin under site): https://github.com/almonk/Bootstrap-admin-theme It's still a wip, but very much usable already. Please fork and improve. Thanks, Al
  7. Looks brilliant Ryan! Will try it out asap.
  8. Hi guys, Had a client recently who needed to be able to turn pages from their Processwire driven site into a PDF. I took a look at how this best might be achieved and present here my rough workings of a 'Pages to PDF' module for Processwire. ** Please note** this is in no way a finished module and is tailored to the developers amongst you (not novice users) as it needs modification per project, but it should be a good starting step if anyone else needs to do anything similar. See the screencast here: http://f.cl.ly/items/3y2g2E0Q060K3G150h0B/Screeny%20Video%2013%20Sep%202011%2009.58.01.mov Fork the code here: https://github.com/almonk/pdfcomposer.module Dependencies: FPDF (included). --- I'd love love love some more contributors to this to help improve it. For example, I'd like to have an ASMselect instead of the page list, but couldn't figure it out in the time I had. Cheers, Al
  9. Thanks for your detailed feedback all! Ryan, I completely understand your hesitation concerning markup generating widgets - their implementation in Wordpress is horrible to use at best, and I definitely don't want to see PW going down that route. BUT, as we've also mentioned, reusable snippets of code to do the same old things (maps, videos, twitter feeds etc) can be a real timesaver. I very much like the idea of supporting Widgets within the core module library - this render() function is something that seems to have eluded me aswell, and looks useful for this kind of functionality. I'll have a shot and see how I get on. Cheers again,
  10. As a sidenote - I really like the widgets implementation in pyro cms http://pyrocms.com/docs/manuals/developers/creating-custom-widgets
  11. Hi all, Thinking aloud here about a feature I'd like to see in Processwire, Widgets (or at least this is the name given to them in Wordpress). Simply put, Widgets are content blocks that the user of the cms can add/rearrange to designated parts of the site. This is really useful for those client who are a little more au fait with computers and want to add little bits here and there. For example, recently I had a client who wanted to add a Facebook 'like' button into the sidebar of his site (built in PW). In the end I made a 'custom html' field and let him just drop some content in there - but a more user-friendly solution would have been nice. I don't have much of an idea if this fits well into the PW philosophy, but here's how I think it could work: 'Widgets' is created as a module and a field which can be added to templates. The developer can add the widgets field to the pages/templates he wants to have the functionality available on. A bunch of 'core' widgets are created (for instance: Youtube video, image, html block etc etc). These widgets can be added once on a page. So, in the example above, the user could edit the Homepage, add a HTML widget and just paste his code in to the settings. I don't know if this sounds like bloat - but in my mind's eye it could work very nicely alongside all the current PW features...
  12. Really interesting discussion. The 'solution' arrived at here is very, very specific to the nature of the content management needs of the business. In a way I love the idea of such a system so perfectly suited to the CM style, but clearly it requires a huge amount of investment of time, money and resources that isn't within the reach of most small-medium businesses.
  13. I think cropping functionality would make sense in PW and would undoubtedly be a useful feature for some. There's a few philosophical reasons that make it slightly harder in PW than other CMSs such as that thumbnails are usually defined in templates and not on the fields but I think this workflow would work: A new fieldtype 'Cropped Image(s)' is created which has the same feature base as the standard Image field but with the extra crop functionality The developer can define the size of the 'thumbnails' or whatever the images are being used for in the field's settings (just like the image fieldtype). Similarly the settings for the crop can be defined here, ie. ratio, dimensions etc When the user uploads an image they are prompted to 'edit this crop' or similar Clicking this link opens a modal window in which the crop can be adjusted When the page is saved the cropped version and original are saved as page attachments The cropped version is available in the api as $page->image->crop or similar Just some thoughts...
  14. I totally agree with Ryan on this. I don't think Aloha is appropriate for 100% of problems, but it doesn't need to be to be useful. As Ryan says, it's a cool little utility that provides a useful function and I personally would love to see support for it.
  15. An inputfield sounds like a tidy solution - would love to see this.
  16. I'm not sure about 'quick edit' functionality - adminbar should strive to make everything quick to edit in my opinion That said, I do like the idea of somehow integrating edit in place functionality somehow - http://www.aloha-editor.org/ < this is a nice little add on that is being used a lot recently, notably in Locomotive CMS (http://www.locomotivecms.com/) Other than that, love the new look and UI for adminbar, although, as Ryan said, I'd prefer it at the top
  17. Please see this post http://processwire.com/talk/index.php/topic,128.msg790.html#msg790 for some information on how to do this.
  18. Great post Ryan. Coming from both a EE and Symphony CMS background, Processwire is a huge improvement in managing page content (in Symphony, it is so hard to manage a simple brochure site that it is almost not worth doing). The simplicity of Processwire all the way through its core is definitely the most attractive thing about this application, and I admire your clear hard work at creating such a powerful and yet, basic system. (Not knocking Symphony here, it is exceptional for other use cases, but the majority of sites that I build as a freelancer lend themselves much better to Processwire)
  19. I've been building a site for production on 2.1 and haven't had any problems yet
  20. Also, Ryan, if you make any amends of additions to the code while using it, please fork my gist so everyone can have the latest updates
  21. Great ideas Ryan, I've still got a lot to learn with module development I've updated the gist with your input.
  22. Hi guys, Made this very simple module to add Facebook like buttons to pages, posts, whatever you fancy. Find the public gist here: https://gist.github.com/1004219 Once you've installed the module, it's very easy to use in your templates: <div class="page"> <h1><?=$page->title?></h1> <h3><?=$page->created?></h3> <?=$page->body?> <? $like = $modules->get('FacebookLike'); $like->url = $page->url; $like->render(); ?> </div> Easy. There's a huge amount of room for improvement, but I thought it'd be worth sharing. Cheers, Al
  23. I did a fork of AdminBar and slightly remixed the UI aesthetic to better suit my tastes. See attached for screenshot https://github.com/almonk/AdminBar
  24. I'd be more than happy to help out with redesigning the 'promo' site for Processwire. I did a little one pager for the CMS we developed at the studio I work at (http://slices.withassociates.com/). Perhaps Processwire might benefit from something similar. Also, on the subject of updating docs etc. The current docs are fantastic, considering how young the project is, but obviously there's always room for improvement. I particularly like the new Sproutcore 'Guides' section here: http://guides.sproutcore.com/ - again, perhaps PW might benefit from lifting and applying this format.
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