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  1. It worked perfect for me to... for a while. Somehow my custom fields remain empty (I think after upgrading my PW version to 3.0.98). I can still see/use the old values, but when I save a template all the predefined custom fields are cleared and remain empty. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Nevermind... it was my own silly mistake. I only saved values when they returned true on isset(). isset($this->input->post->{$key}) Somehow the isset above always returns false even though echo $this->input->post->{$key}; returns the actual value.
  2. Hi @kongondo, Thanks for the quick reply, despite all the collusion against you . I'm not sure where it should live. I do think you shouldn't get to many categories/media types. From a user perspective it would make sense to be able to add them to /video/. But I'm not sure how how much work it would be to integrate this into your current Media Manager. Right now I've created a Inputfield and Fieldtype module (for both Vimeo and YouTube). In a simple input field you enter the URL of the video and the module then retrieves thumbnails and additional data form the video using the Vimeo and Google API's. In the config of the module you can set an image field where the thumbnails will be stored. Once additional data has been retrieved you get a video embedded into the backend and an Object with the embed code and additional data to the Frondend. I'll send you the Bitbucket repo's in a PM. I'm curious what you think of the integration possibilities. Best, Harm
  3. Hi @kongondo, The Module is looking great. Does it also allow YouTube and Vimeo to be injected into the Manager? I want my clients to be able to create an easy sortable list of Images, YouTube's and Vimeo's. I do have custom Fieldtypes which gets the thumbnails and additional info from these platforms. Is there an easy way to integrate this into the Module? Best, Harm
  4. @Craig: first of all thanks for this module! I did run into a small issue while using it on a SSL server. Mandrill gave me a "Unable to get local issuer SSL certificate" error and did not want to send any e-mails. It was a relatively easy fix but it does require changes in the Mandrill.php. I don't know if it should be changed in the module, but I'm posting it here for anybody else who runs headfirst into this error. 1) I downloaded the following file, renamed it to carcert.pem and placed it in the Mandrill directory. 2) I added the following code after line 72 of Mandrill.php curl_setopt($this->ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, TRUE); curl_setopt($this->ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, __DIR__ . "/cacert.pem"); And boom! It works (well for me at least). I hope this helps somebody.
  5. Hi everybody, I'm very glad I found this topic, thank you Soma for your answer. It worked like a charm. I did run into the issue myself (while using version 2.5.3), my actions where the following: I've cloned a page (including it's children), the page itself was found in it's parent but it's children weren't. Example: 1001 = Products ----- 1002 = T-shirts ----- ------ 1003 = Small ----- ------ 1004 = Medium ----- ------ 1005 = Large Duplicate *T-shirts* and rename it *Sweaters* Tree looks like this: 1001 = Products ----- 1002 = T-shirts ----- ------ 1003 = Small ----- ------ 1004 = Medium ----- ------ 1005 = Large ----- 1006 = Sweaters ----- ------ 1007 = Small ----- ------ 1008 = Medium ----- ------ 1009 = Large find(has_parent=1001) returns: 1001,1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006 The children of 1006 are missing. I hope Ryan can reproduce the issue this way.
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