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  1. Ψάχνω back-end dev για project #WordPress / #WooCommerce σχετικό με πώληση εισιτηρίων για συναυλίες. Αν ενδιαφέρεται κανείς ας μιλήσει!

  2. Thanks LostKobrakai, It makes sense now, and it works as expected!
  3. I used the WireMailSMPT module, signed up to an SMTP service (Mailjet), got SPF and DKIM authentications but the service prompts me to validate every email I receive! I am not sure if I am using $mail correctly, the docs are a little sparse. Do I need to add additional headers or something else?
  4. Ok, I signed up for a similar service. It works now, but I have a concern: Since my site's contact form receives emails from various people (the WireMail->from() value is different every time), I am asked to validate every single one before it passes. Is this the way these services work?
  5. Hello all, I am trying to setup WireMailSMTP with the Gmail SMTP server, trying everything I read in this topic with no success. The error I get that seems to say something (but I don't know what!) is => WireMailSmtpConfig: 534-5.7.14 <https://accounts.google.com/signin/continue?sarp=1&scc=1&plt=AKgnsbt0 The settings I am using are: (I think I entered every combination possible!) local hostname: the site's domain (is this wrong? I don't know if it's relevant but this domain is an addon domain) SMTP hostname: smtp.gmail.com SMTP port: 587 use START_TLS SMTP user: my email from Google SMTP password: my above email password Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hello, I have a Processwire site that was made some years ago, and I got a complaint that the emails originating from it, ended up in Gmail's spam folder. I updated Processwire to 2.8, and changed the PHP mail() function I used before, to the newer $mail helper. In the beginning I used a Gmail email for the recipient, but later changed to an info@site.com type, thinking that this could be the problem. Still, the emails are marked as spam. I used the following code (simplified): $name = $input->post['name']; $emailFrom = $input->post['email']; $message = $input->post['message']; $form = array( 'name' => $sanitizer->text($name), 'email' => $sanitizer->email($emailFrom), 'message' => $sanitizer->textarea($message), ); $message = "Name: $form[name]\n" . "Email: $form[email]\n" . "Message: $form[message]"; $email = $mail->new(); $email->subject("Subject") ->to($pages->get('/settings/')->main_email) ->from($form['email']) ->body($message); $email->send(); Should I use email header parameters? I can't find what to do in the docs. Thanks
  7. Sad to hear about Don Buchla passing away.

  8. https://t.co/PWl204hYbD seems nice

  9. A class of .wine

  10. I want a lighter, minimally built acoustic piano..

  11. My RSS feed after a week of vacation.. :O

  12. Web design in 4 minutes! https://t.co/GfnJTTiNpP

  13. Wow.. I thought Twitter changed fonts to something unreadable, but it's just the Helvetica Neue - Chrome on Windows bug..

  14. Is it possible to have page names with non-latin characters? I tried renaming a page to contain Greek characters in PWs admin, but It wasn't allowed. In my particular case all I needed was the page title, not a url, so I used a random number to store page names. $name = $wire->input->post['guest_name']; $message = $wire->input->post['guest_message']; $p->name = rand(); $p->title = $wire->sanitizer->text($name); $p->body = $wire->sanitizer->textarea($message); I am not sure if this code is good, but it works.
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