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  1. Thank you @Pete ! Also here many example usage : https://github.com/Wixel/GUMP/tree/master/examples but don't forget replace GUMP() with Validation
  2. Validation Module for ProcessWire, Validation module using GUMP standalone PHP data validation and filtering class. That makes validating any data easy and painless without the reliance on a framework. Usage almost same with original GUMP validation class. Extended original validation class for make it multi-language and added 2 new function 1 for field labels, 1 for set and get fields. Module Link
  3. Thanks, First post with a huge translation , I hope it will be helpful for PW Users.
  4. ProcessWire 2.4.2 Turkish Core Translations Status (100%) and some of modules translations included. Turkish Translation Github Repo (For Support)
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