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  1. Twitter seems not notifying the persons in the conversations, if I / you are not following the other person. Missing conversations @Support

  2. RT @housecor: Instead of Major.Minor.Patch, say Breaking.Feature.FixWell said @robert0muehsig#semver https://t.co/2onRTTl4kk

  3. Hard and soft dependency definition of libraries is something I wanted to disagree in #zf2 .

  4. RT @padraicb: @mwop The blog is back up ;).

  5. RT @auraphp: Aura.Di 3.0.0-beta2 has been released! https://t.co/KFvT4bRM2T (We expect the next release to be stable!)

  6. Websockets question https://t.co/j5Xg3YYFPO , @hoaproject may be interested to discuss on the thread ?

  7. Stuck on writing tweets which are longer ? https://t.co/cf4wCULF7Z will help you :-) .

  8. RT @_odino_: SqlPad - A web app for running #SQL queries and visualizing the results https://t.co/HM4cI9RV3k https://t.co/sR4QMZzp3o

  9. Hi all, Have you guys came across http://github.com/puli/ ? I am not sure how processwire is going to make use of composer in 3.0 apart from namespace ( I didn't noticed in the newsletter or probably missed in the blog posts ) . But I believe the concept of http://docs.puli.io/ combined with PSR-7 and composer will be a revolution in the PHP ( yet to see though ) . I wished if processwire in 3.0 would take some of the good concepts to make things smooth and easy.
  10. RT @elephpant: Interview with Matthew Weier O'Phinney (@mwop) https://t.co/shwkWKB2UK

  11. RT @andigutmans: Looking for dev willing to write some short articles on PHP 7. Not big bucks but some bucks :) Contact me if interested...

  12. RT @daycamp4devs: Are you ready to get your learning on? We are planning the next #DC4D! :)

  13. RT @miss_jwo: Wish @github’s website was responsive - that way i can split my windows in my screen nicely.

  14. RT @seldaek: Bonus Sunday evening deployment: @packagist now shows GitHub stars/watches/open issues as well as README! https://t.co/Inrb95s…

  15. RT @laravelphp: This week: believe in yourself! You can do amazing things!

  16. Using Travis to build your Sculpin blog http://t.co/RXa4O66cmL

  17. RT @mvriel: Architecting the next @phpDocumentor 3 component: Views. I expect this will make template building easier and more consistent

  18. RT @phptodayorg: Learning Symfony Differently - part 2 : Bootstrap http://t.co/m3hyEv5Fit

  19. Hey @weaverryan is this symfony doc incorrect http://t.co/cDsPTUdzYR ? Seems the default bundle is removed in favor of small tiny controller

  20. Hey @processwire could you have a look at this post https://t.co/hIIkRi0nBK , so we can discuss composer support ?

  21. Hey Marcus, Yes as dependency is a hell it is good to leave it to composer . And as you know installing modules is simple as composer require <vendor/packagename> The only thing to do is to keep a composer.json file for all the modules { "name": "vendor/package-name", "type": "pw-module", "description": "Your module what it does", "keywords": [ "keywords", "comma", "seprated"], "homepage": "https://github.com/harikt", "license": "BSD-2-Clause", "authors": [ { "name": "Contributors", "homepage": "https://github.com/harikt" } ], "require": { "hari/pw-module": "~0.0.1" } } and add to packagist. The only things to note in composer.json is the "type": "pw-module", and "require": { "hari/pw-module": "~0.0.1" } We are all done. Happy PhPing!
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