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  1. RT @phptodayorg: Announcing Pathfinder v0.4.0 https://t.co/vqy4XHN5hk

  2. utf8mb4 as per https://t.co/l16q8tL8iX , still something ... somewhere is wrong. Lets sleep and play later :) (2)

  3. RT @jclermont: I read through this book and it is really good. Lots of real world examples and exercises. https://t.co/Ro5YvCcvBN

  4. @rohitbhute nice :-) .

  5. RT @akrabat: Do I know any freelance sysadmins? I need someone to set up a TLS proxy server on a Linux box. DM or email if you can help & I…

  6. @bitfalls good to know your dog is doing good.

  7. Thank you @continuousphp for sponsoring @nomadphp . Awesome talk by @beausimensen . Happy to hear and online :) .

  8. @KotakBankLtd sends me a non encrypted email :-) . Two types of customer care people, 1) understand query 2 ) Don't understand the query

  9. RT @giorgiosironi: Everything in this explanation is very reasonable. Thank you for bridging the developer/sysadmin gap https://t.co/Vpqmhm…

  10. RT @noufalibrahim: If you're interested in checking out the results of my IF experiments, give this a shot. Feedback welcome. :)https://t.…

  11. I've been awarded the "Six year membership" badge on #SensioLabs Connect. https://t.co/MB8n4t7fvK

  12. Alternatively you can import via use statement use Dotenv\Dotenv; $dotenv = new Dotenv(__DIR__);
  13. RT @moniiapp: It's the last week of our #Monii #GoldenTicket Sign up for free at https://t.co/w9hsTarUC4 and don't forget to tell your frie…

  14. RT @phptodayorg: Quick Tip: How to Permanently Change SQL Mode in MySQL https://t.co/ve2yurJahH

  15. RT @akrabat: As I'm lazy, I added this to my .profile:alias slimskeleton='composer create-project slim/slim-skeleton 'usage: slimskelet…

  16. RT @spriebsch: I agree with @s_bergmann - we all should do this more often: https://t.co/EcA5hPlg35

  17. I wished if the ui guys can stop making this infinite scroll. It is irritating when it don't have a pagination :-/ .

  18. RT @official_php: Release day! #PHP 5.5.32, 5.6.18 and 7.0.3 are all out with an assortment of security and bug fixes. Build away!https:/…

  19. Does drupal8 uses composer? In case anyone have some time may be help @processwire thread https://t.co/4g8VG93Axa . / cc @Crell Thank you.

  20. RT @vpieters: So adorable! Meet Alex, the CSS Husky. https://t.co/YfbIh7lSQ2PS: You may feel hopelessly behind from watching this like m…

  21. RT @sehnaoui: Windows 95 compiled to javascript and running natively in your browser !-by @AndreaFauldshttps://t.co/IsU8XAkVzl https://t.…

  22. RT @tidewaysio: Support for tracing and profiling in PHP 7 is now ready: https://t.co/Lludx7Rzzm

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