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  1. I don't get it too, probably Ryan added Gotham city to is great site profile and kongondo contributed on the August 5th update: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/skyscrapers-profile/
  2. Hi Rjay, thanks for the prompt response! I have that folder to 755 What permissions do you have for yours? Do you have any .htaccess settings for both main sitedomain.com and siteotherdomain.com on the servers LAMP public_html or www folder? UPDATE: Its working now I had some .htaccess settings on the public_html folder, I forgot to remove for the multisite to work. Thanks for all your help Rjay.
  3. thanks Rjay for this last update I had my second domain as an add On Domain and it didn't work, now the second domain is working as a parked one. I still have to "hide" the site-otherdomainname folder if you go to the http://site.com/site-otherdomainname you can see the contents, so probably you will have the same content indexed twice. Doing a 301 redirect for that folder, on the .htaccess it will get the wrong path for the content (css,js) of site-otherdomainname. Redirect 301 /site-otherdomainname http://site-otherdomainname On the topic of parked and addOnDomains This didn't work for me: On my server's pulbic_html folder I have two folders: site site-otherdomainname Then also on the public_html folder I have this pWire files: .htaccess (no 301 redirects at the moment for this www.otherdomainname.com ) index.php index.config.php 'otherdomainname.com' => 'site-otherdomainname', 'www.otherdomainname.com' => 'site-otherdomainname', /* * Default for all others (typically /site/) * */ '*' => 'site', Then I have two databases one for the main site domain, this one is working and other for the site-otherdomainname on this lasts domain folder I have the config.php file with the same sql user but different databases. $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'serverusername_otherdomainname'; $config->dbUser = 'serverusername_aamulti'; $config->dbPass = 'dbpassword'; $config->dbPort = '3306'; This otherdomainname.com was added as a add On Domain on cPanel, it outputs a 500 error.
  4. Thank you for your welcome Kongondo. You helped before, I'am glad don't remember my newbie questions bothering pWire experts. Your awesome answer helped me a lot to correct and understand the correct pWire syntax. I hope some other pWire newbies can learn too from my mistakes. Check out the cheatsheet for more info Bookmarked!!
  5. Hi Kongondo. Coming from modX revo, I'm testing pWire's file field type, so I added this to output a link to a PDF from a file field type: if ($page->pdf_docs_insert){ echo "<a href='{$page->pdf_docs_insert->url}$page->pdf_docs_insert' target='_blank'> $page->pdf_docs_insert</a>"; } else { // ... } The link is working but I can't output the description from the file field pdf_docs_insert I get the name of the PDF file but not the description of it. I tried several ways, but it doesn't seem to work like the description for image field types. This doesn't work too ->$file->description Thank you again for your help and patience.
  6. I can't edit the name of members I will add a custom role, like you said and change the assigned role on Mysql, if possible. But the users login is working, yet you need to reset the password. Thank you SiNNuT 2 SiNNuT Module Based on Geoip Google maps used on site Ryan's profile skyscrapers: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-map-marker/ p.s. oh well I was writing this and kongondo wisdom and detective work beats my newbie pWire skills for sure. ^ yes I read it now eheh ^
  7. Thank you SiNNuT. It makes sense when you say the available fields are the must common ones, The users were set up as guests. On previous posts I think I read something about setting up new types of fields. I will have a look at the mySql tables to see if the role was assigned there. I would like to try this with the Ryan's Google Geo IP module. I have to check if the FieldtypeMapMarker only uses simple text fields, or I will try to get the values from members_address adding lat and longitude to generate maps, if possible.
  8. Thank you Martijn! pWire flexibility and principles are amazing and I see they stay coherent throughout the CMS ! Yet to create users using this module I will have to add a name field to the user system template, apart from other my custom fields? I just find this weird cause there is a name field when you create a user manually, yet this field is not on the template. Thank you again. iupii I import all the users: "title","pass","email","member_phone","member_mobile","member_fax","member_long_name","member_website_link","member_address","member_post_code"
  9. I've imported pages from an old modx site and this module is great, but I have some doubts about users, I've 500 users to import with the the following values: "name", "password","member_phone","member_email","member_website_link","member_address","member_post_code" At the moment I'am just doing simple tests to recreate the users data on pWire but when I try import the csv, just to create the user's name and email I get the error "title missing" using the user template and the users parentPage. I don't see a field for name or title in the user templates, just pass, email, roles, and language. Can I also add the fields to the user system template like member_website_link ? I don't want to take the wrong route on this one , so I appreciate some advise on how to do this. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the support, Ryan, Diogo, Soma and all the other forum members. I just finished my first pWire site. Although I still have to add the iOS icons and Soma´s great module for navigation markup doesn't seem to have the ability to limit the children <li> on my main menu, I will get that solved later. After a few weeks I'm very happy with process wire and every time I ask something here I feel a bit dumb. Process Wire simplicity to get things done is amazing! Thanks to kongondo too for the modx to pWire transition post: http://bit.ly/1dYgAnW You can check this simple and a bit text bloated pWire site here: http://artecassistencia.com
  11. Tenho de atualizar-me e ler O JOGO. I only know this one...
  12. Thanks Diogo! that was fast probably cause we are on the same timezone. biba o FCP!(Sorry I just couldn't resist)
  13. Using this bit on a parent page's template, with the image field first_image_child_page on the children pages I can output this field image from the current parent page. <!-- GET FIRST IMAGE FROM CHILDREN's ON CURRENT PARENT PAGE --> <?php echo "<div class='row-fluid'>"; echo "<ul class='thumbnails'>"; if ($page->child->id) { // at least one child page viewable (access), access save echo "Todas as marcas apresentadas são exclusivo direito do seu fabricante."; foreach($page->children as $selectedthumbs) { if(!count($selectedthumbs->first_image_child_page)) continue; // no image found continue foreach $firstimage = $selectedthumbs->first_image_child_page->first(); $thumb = $firstimage->size(100, 0); echo "<li class='span2'> <a href='{$selectedthumbs->url}'><img class='thumbnails' src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$firstimage->description}'></a></li>"; } } echo "</ul>"; echo "</div>"; ?> I tried $pages->get("/the-parent-page/"); but there is something wrong with my syntax, and probably there is better way to do this. How can I output this children's pages image field, that are under this particular parent page throughout the other site pages? Thank you.
  14. Thanks Soma. You did it again, I was missing the logic of the array has_children_class I test a few settings but I started the wrong way because of that array. Now I understand the logic of your great module to render the pWire pages into a navigation menu. I hope I finish my first pWire project in a few weeks and post it here in the noob/sites section. Thanks again Soma for the great support and work to enhance pWire features!
  15. Hi, I'am testing your module with this menu http://voky.com.ua/demo/pcss3mm/ I have this to load the module and test the different module arrays: <?php $treeMenu = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); // load the module $options = array( 'parent_class' => 'parent', 'current_class' => 'current', 'has_children_class' => 'has_children', 'levels' => true, 'levels_prefix' => '||', 'max_levels' => 2, 'firstlast' => false, 'collapsed' => false, 'show_root' => false, 'selector' => '', 'outer_tpl' => '<ul id="pcss3mm" class="pcss3mm">||</ul>', 'inner_tpl' => '||', 'list_tpl' => '<li>||</li>', 'list_field_class' => '', 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url}" title="{title}">{title}</a>', 'item_current_tpl' => '<a href="{url}" title="{title}" >{title}</a>', 'xtemplates' => '', 'xitem_tpl' => '<span>{title}</span>', 'xitem_current_tpl' => '<span>{title}</span>' ); echo $treeMenu->render($options); ?> I'am trying to get all the pages on my pWire admin (excluding the home page) and show a dropdown menu for the parents page, yet I'am getting the child pages in the root menu front side page menu. How can I display the child page on the drop down menu? I tested <li class="dropdown"> yet I'am probably doing something wrong on the module arrays? <li class="dropdown"> <a href="#"><i class="icon-briefcase"></i>Portfolio</a><b></b> <div class="grid-container3"> <ul> <li><a href="#"><i class="icon-lemon"></i>Logos</a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="icon-globe"></i>Websites</a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="icon-th-large"></i>Branding</a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="icon-picture"></i>Illustrations</a></li> </ul> </div> </li> Thanks in advance.
  16. I guess this wasn't a newbie question, just a dumb one. Its working now, I changed the table name END bit on that SQL table to lower case, the modx revo config php files had less settings. Thanks Ryan again for pointing me in the right direction and congrats on the CSV import module, it can speed up site production by 200%.
  17. Hi WillyC! Nice beard. I was testing the site profile: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/skyscrapers-profile/ All the tables are lowercase on my SQL and the table: sitename_dbname You are asking about the fields assigned to the template ?
  18. Just testing process wire 2.3 I moved a few recently created pages, yet I can't empty the trash. I get this error, telling me that this SQL table is missing: field_fieldset_meta_end' doesn't exist I can see the table on phpMyAdmin. Thanks in advance.
  19. Thanks Diogo! You are right it has some concepts that a newbie like me will be lost trying to grasp the meaning/dependencies of all the files on the blog profile, I will start by carefully reading the mentioned tutorials and finish my current project in Modx, then I will try pWire on my next project. I look forward to start using pWire. Mais uma vez, muito obrigado Diogo. Thanks Ryan I'll have look into it too.
  20. Hello! I'am coming from modx revo, so i'am a newbie to pWire I started by reading a a few tutorials and I'am testing ryan's site profile. On the blog site profile: site/templates/markup/post.php <div class='post-body'> <?php if($small) { echo "<p>" . $page->summary . "… <a class='more' href='{$page->url}'>" . __('View More') . "</a></p>"; } else { echo $page->body; // if the post has images and no <img> tags in the body, then make it a gallery if(count($page->images) && strpos($page->body, '<img ') === false) include("./gallery.php"); } ?> </div> Where do I change the posts list format on the homepage, so it will display a summary of the posts and display the first photo inserted on that post. I'am a bit afraid of messing up all the code. Also on the categories pWire cms there is no summary field for the posts on the tree, and if I set the name for a twitter account I don't get any output in the frontend. I am a newbie so I'am sorry but I'am still a bit confused about how pWire works. Thank you.
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