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  1. Anyone get this resolved? I'm having the same issue and I'm working with a fresh install. Clearing the sessions aren't working for me.
  2. I highly recommend Freshbooks ... https://www.freshbooks.com I believe up to 3 clients is free.
  3. r2d2

    jQuery help

    Just sent you an email.
  4. Has anyone tried getting ProcessWire to run within Heroku?
  5. Thanks Vineet, I've sent you a PM.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a good designer. Some initial work is to create nice email templates (I can code the HTML if you/the designer cannot) and then the work will include design work on the main website (which is ProcessWire). If this isn't the right place to find a good designer, can anyone recommend where I should look/inquire? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. r2d2

    Night Attack

    nice site and nice name (reminds me of mine).
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to forward all subdomains to a single domain. For example, if the user goes to ... http://sharespost.com). I saw some similar posts about this but nothing concrete. Anyone have any thoughts? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. You can use PayPal. Stripe is another option that's pretty easy to work with.
  10. r2d2


    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into what you've told me.
  11. r2d2


    Most of the design work was done by Kevin Puleo. Here's his site... http://kevinpuleo.com The content, direction and all the hard work was done by the good people at SharesPost. I had the easy job of making it work in ProcessWire.
  12. r2d2


    Hi Everyone, Just launched SharesPost.com. Thoughts?
  13. r2d2

    Your hourly rate?

    Thank you everyone for the good info. I appreciate it.
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