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  1. Hey @justb3a I'm using your module together with matrix some repeaters fields at the moment and get the following notice: Notice: Undefined index: title in C:\xampp\htdocs\intern\oneslider\site\modules\ImageExtra\ImageExtra.module on line 523 PW: 3.0.62 / ImageExtra: 1.0.6
  2. Hey horst. Really awesome module!! Guess I stumbled upon it once before, but sadly didn't take the time to really check it out. Anyways... just installed it and saw the same warning as ukyo before "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$manualSelectionDisabled". Going to settings screen and hit Submit resolved it. I'm on 3.0.62. Keep up the good work!
  3. @justb3a Thanks for the great modules. Just what I needed for my last project. One thing I stumbled upon: I cannot delete text that has been inserted before. Since the existence of the input is a condition for outputting a caption or not it is necessary to have an empty field again. Doesn't matter if placed inside a repeater or not. Can you repoduce that, or do I miss something. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey @all. I'd like to dig out this old thread cause always I'm working on singlepagers this topic comes up and still not sure what is the best practise with this. Especially I'd like to ask about the part with the sendMail.php on root-level. As photoman355 stated I understand that php-files shouldn't lay on root-level. But I do not get Somas answer. Could anybody please explain that a little further.. Or is there any other approach to handle form-submissions via ajax? Thanks in advance! Sry again for the two prior edits ..
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