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  1. While trying out language switcher together with the calendar. I put this to the beginning of the script: $lang = substr($page->url,1,2); $lang_code = ($lang=='en')?'en_US':$lang.'_'.strtoupper($lang);//works not for all countries but most of them (fr, de, it, nl, is, ru, es, tr) setlocale(LC_TIME, $lang_code); and changed the forward backward links: $out .= "<a href='/".$lang."/calendar/". date('Y', $lastMonth) ."/". date('m', $lastMonth) ."/'>←</a>"; $out .= "<a href='/".$lang."/calendar/". date('Y', $endTime) ."/". date('m', $endTime) ."/'>→</a>"; I am using url-segments for year and month, like ryan recommended $year = ($input->urlSegment1)?$input->urlSegment1:date('Y'); $month = ($input->urlSegment2)?$input->urlSegment2:date('m'); this will put out the current month as standard under the url en/calendar/ echo renderCalendar($page, $year, $month, $field = 'startdate'); its good to have such an easy going calendar. Thanks. Fun (while working with PW) has already started. kixe
  2. A known monday is also the day after last sunday! Isn't it? $weekDayNames=array(); $i=0; while($i++ < 7) array_push($weekDayNames, strftime('%a', strtotime('last Sunday + '.$i.' day'))); change this // if we're at the beginning of a week, start a new row if($day > 1 && $dayName == $weekDayNames[0]) $out .= "<tr>"; and that // if last day in week, then close out the row if($dayName == $weekDayNames[6]) $out .= "</tr>"; kixe
  3. Hi, first step is done. language switcher is working. I gave the / directory the names "en", "de" and "fr". If I am now putting out $page->name on the site, I always get "en", even if I have switched to "de". Why? What is the right api to get the names? I tried out with substr($page->url,1,2) which works. But is it really safe? Put out bool(false) in case of "/" (home directory in default language). It would be nice to have en API which put out language iso-code of the current page. Ideas? kixe
  4. I am using on localhost same page with three language fields. Even tried out language page name module and (which is important here) "frontend user login". That's why I was a little bit astonished, the language didn't switch after login via frontend. I am thinking about to use PW-Users for "Comments" or small Forum. In this cases it would be nice to have the language also switched in the frontend, after setting a language to the user! I have already implemented a language switcher on the page, which is working fine. Which Api should be used to get the /en/ or /de/ from the url-path to use it in links on the template. Something like $user->language->ISO-Code ('en' for english for example) If I use $user->language->name the language name in the current language appears, like set in the backend (for example "francais", for french in french) Thanks for help. kixe
  5. Hi, where can I include a language switcher, which sets, if exists, the site language automatically to the browser language? Maybe Redirection from /home/ to /home/de/ or /home/en/ I am looking for something like this: $user->language->name = substr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'], 0, 2); Thanks for help kixe
  6. Hello Community, after a colleague recommended PW to me I am playing around with it since two weeks. Now I can imagine the big potential PW has and I am really happy about it because it fits perfectly to what I have been searching for since a long time. Now I would like to do a small project with it to get motivation of something real visible. The project should be in three different languages. I implemented the modules and it seems to work fine. But the problem is, that the frontend is always shown in the default language. I put some different users to the platform and set different languages to them. In the backend the language switches to the users language but not in the frontend. Maybe I forgot something in the template. I don't know. Please help to save time. Thanks in advance. kixe
  7. ... no answer. I decided to help myself and hope somebody else will profit from it. I changed the following lines (450 ff) in the module-file from: if ($this->user->avatar) { $cropped_avatar = $this->user->avatar->first()->size(150); $avatar = $cropped_avatar->url; } to: if ($this->user->avatar->first()->url) { $cropped_avatar = $this->user->avatar->first()->size(150); $avatar = $cropped_avatar->url; } Now its working. About security: After logging-in each user can reach every profile about other users via profile/info/username. I think I will make some modifications for my personal use in this line (481): if($this->user->isLoggedin() && $this->input->urlSegment1 == 'info' && $this->sanitizer->name($this->input->urlSegment2)) { I would also recommend to include a field which inquires the old password before giving the allowence to set a new one in the edit-area. Until going deeper in PW I like it more and more and can image how big the potential for the future is. kixe
  8. Hi, installed the "User-Profiles-for-PW" - Module and got an error message: Error: Call to a member function size() on a non-object (line 449 of ../../site/modules/FrontendUserProfile.module) If I give an individual Avatar to the User everything works fine. I checked the access of the no-avatar.jpg. It is ok! Couldn't find the problem quickly. btw: I would also recommend to make the module translatable. good to have a module like this. kixe
  9. I installed PW again. I did step 2 and 3 after 4 and 7 and changed all the other field types to the **Langage - Type too. Its working now. no errors
  10. Thats right Soma its the latest Version 2.3. What I did: 1) Admin -> Modules | enabled Languages Support and Languages Support -Fields 2) Admin -> setup -> Languages -> Add New ("german") 3) Admin -> Setup -> Languages -> Install from file http://processwire.c...5-german-de-de/ 4) Admin -> Setup -> Fields -> Body | changed the Type from Textarea to TextareaLanguage 5) Warning: Screenshot 2 (my_last_post_above) Warning ignored 6) Error: Screenshot 1 (of_my_last_post_above) occured 7) Admin -> Setup -> Fields -> Title | changed the Type from PageTitle to PageTitleLanguage 8) Warning: Screenshot 2 (my_last_post_above) Warning ignored 9) Database crashed, Error: Screenshot 3 occured I am just playing around with the system and the example page. Until now I didn't put in any data. I need the possibility of multi language editing in the backend.
  11. Hello Processwire-Community, I have installed German Language Module from here: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/925-german-de-de/ While trying to enable multi-language, I got that: Error: Exception: Unknown column 'field_title.data1009' in 'field list' (in /Users/c/Sites/processwire/wire/core/Database.php line 118) Any solutions??? Christoph/ Cologne/ Germany screenshots: pcw_error_1.tiff pcw_error_3.tiff pcw_werror_2.tiff
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