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  1. I jzvanenk, Did you read the API Documentation ? You can find all the answers you need there. Sorry if I'm short on answer, but Ryan had explained every basic concepts there, way better than what I could do myself here now
  2. HI @Sevarf2, I'm trying to integrate your code (thanks ) but I cannot find my way out of this since I'd like to know the folder structure of those files and their respective names, just to save me some time to undestrand which files go where. Could you please provide me this infos? Really appreciated. P.s (Parli italiano?). Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys, you're both right! @Wanze: I completely understand your code and I find it really simple, but I'm still not capable to write it down by myself with ease....practicing is the answer @Macrura : I'm going to check it right now. Next assignment to me (but probably too complicated at the moment) : How to implement a private messaging system to a processire site...hard topic.
  4. Hello all, I'm learning more on Processwire and php in general, and today I'm struggling over this idea: Having multiple <select> inputs to be able to query from database different criterias and echo them on the page. Let's say I got some registered users Each of them have a gender, an age, and a color of hair. // ...so i want 3 <select> inputs I'd like to query for example : SELECT * from users WHERE user_gender="male" AND user_age="25" AND user_hair="black" The query above is the result of the combination of the 3 <select> inputs I've looked at this tutorial made by Jeffrey Way (part1 and part2) where he explains (expecially in part1) how to query a database through a single <select> input. Does anybody here have some insights to make me get closer to this? Thanks!
  5. That totally makes sense to me. Infact i misread Sevarf2's post where he wrote: "Same level" != "chidren of" Thanks for your explanation @nik, helpful anyway.
  6. Why it's not possibile to have php code inside PW folders using jquery? Can anyone explain this to me ?
  7. Hi pwired, I know this is a tough moment in life, a job is hard to find and clients have less money to spend than 3 or maybe 4 years ago. That's is true because of the bad economic period the world is facing but also because clients are starting to have more knowledge of the "internet world" (even if their jobs or attitudes aren't directly correlated to the web), and so they can percieve and then better - but not of course perfectly - rates a website and its development. What I want to say is that if you want to be competitive and make your clients accept an " fair price per site to surive and eat every day" ( ), you must let them trust you as a professional, with specific skills and be able to solve their needs. I've take a super quick look at the websites you've developed so far and I think you should consider to improve your front-end design skill. Let me explain before I get misunderstood, because there is absolutely no intention to be unpleasant here, really. From my experience in this industry clients tends to prefer a good looking website ( ...without touching the topic of " what is beautiful for everyone"..) rather then a website that is coded extremely well, with all the best-practices that everyone of us need and prefer to follow/achieve. Of course a website needs to fit clients needs and expectations, and be solid and scalable at most. So what about to find a good front-end designer whereby work side by side, where you do all the developing and focus on the back-end, with processwire? I'm telling you this just because, maybe, this could 1) lighten your back in front of the pc and focus more on the coding part and 2) put your future clients in the habit to be better disposed to evaluate an higher fee to pay you (even if you will share a percentage with your front-end designer). I hope I'm not behaving grumpy here, I repeat...not my intention. This is the preview of the site I'm making for the agency I work with (It's really simple and work in progress), just to help you to know how much I usually charge my job : http://www.test.sundaygroup.it/ ( I have my monthly salary so I didn't make a price for this, but probably I would have asked around 1.200 Eur or so. (I made it in a week with plain html+css+js, no php except for the contact form (no processwire there). Last link I suggest you to have a look : http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/09/28/youre-pricing-it-wrong-software-pricing-demystified/ Even if that article is focused on product-prices there are some insights that might be considered, IMHO. Good luck!
  8. Sounds really good, I'll give it a try as soon as possible. Congrats apeisa, this module, thanks to your continuous integrations and adjustments, is going to be a "must have" for my projects.
  9. I didn't play with Fredi just yet but you could try to change the width of the modalbox (via css or with Chrome Developer Tools / Firebug) to fit to the width of the main container of your admin-theme, to check if the fields floats. Probably is not enough, but you could give it a try
  10. That would be a killer feature IMHO, because I'm not really sure I want the same style I've got for the front-end for the whole back-end section. Css per modal window would be great to give the user a seamless Ux throughout the navigation. If you could add that I'll definitely make myself naked on cam for you....(of course...not ).
  11. Does this mean that I can use a custom css for the modal box to reflect the style of my front-end, even for the fileds that I want to let the user modify?
  12. Why not Anyway I'm finding already my way to go through this topics thanks to you.
  13. Thanks for the answer Diogo Following your idea of the process: - The user chooses the amount of credits // credits could be treated as "products", which one has a different price ( e.g. 100 credits = 100 Euros ). - System calculates the price // Let's assume I've decided to use Lemonstand of Shopify for this. - The user pays // Have to figure out how to implement the payment gateway of my bank and how to let it communicate with the system above. - Now the user (buyer_01) has 100 Euro to spend into my site, he buys from another user (seller_01) a content for 30 credits. - buyer_01 now got 70 credits. - After a pre-defined period of time seller_01 recieves a % of the credits he sold, the other % remained it's my profit. I won't go further in this until I can understand if the logic behind it can be accomplished by a third-party solution, since to me it's a half-way through an e-commerce site and a paid membership platform. I must investigate for sure.
  14. Hello all! My name is Lorenzo, I'm from Italy, and this is my first post here. I want to thank all the members of this clever community for the fervent partecipation and for the knowledge you guys are spreading to other people like me. Everything here feels clear and understandable, that's why I've decided to evolve my (poor at the moment) experience in the php language. You guys are motivating me I'm trying to achieve the whole knowledge to start a project that is going to be a site with payment membership, with (hopefully) thousands of users, each one or them with its own personal page, containing photos/videos and informations. Since I'm not in hurry to build everything in seconds, I'm studying PW API's and testing what I'm learning day by day,with satisfaction In the meanwhile I'm trying to clear my mind toward a payment system that can accomplish "cash to credit conversion" (ala Istockphoto or other image banks), where people can pay a predefined amount of cash and the system translates them to virtual credits to be used. Does anybody have some further informations about this topic? Sorry for my lack of english guys, hope you get the point Lorenzo
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