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  1. Hallo! I'd like to force SSL (port 443) for the back-end (./processwire/) and prevent the users from loging to the back-end using non-encrypted connection. What seems to be the best way to achieve it? Best regards, Mick
  2. Is there a way to set permissions for some page and children if they are using some common templates, or we need to use different set of templates for that section and set the permissions to them? Is there some workaround? Best regards!!
  3. Hallo! Apparently you could only choose between "created" and "modified" for the "Default Feed Item Date Field". Could you make it more flexible, so that any field could be used there? In lots of cases the client woul'd like to transfer existing bolg-posts to the new web-site, and we do copy the content into the Processwire, but the "create" and "modify" don't mean anything any more. Regards!!
  4. Hallo Wanze, That really makes sense and I'm going to handle this problem that way. Anyhow, I'd like to hear if someone know what could be the cause of this "Unpublished" issue?! Thanks!!
  5. BTW, when I count the number of repeater entries it says 107.
  6. Hallo! I have a template which uses the repeater to handle simple blog-posts (instead of having the separate page for every single entry). It was working just fine, but now the client notified me about the problem. The page is editable, but only the posts before #108. At post #108 the header-bar says: Blog Post #108 - Unpublished I can't remove it, or do anything from the back-end... Any clues? Thanks!!
  7. Hallo! I just tried to sort the repeater by setting the sort under "Family" tab, but since my repeater doesn't have a template-file, there's no sorting option in the "Family" tab? What can I do about it? Please advise. Thanks!!
  8. There's a hidden page with the name "http404" and title "404 Page Not Found" which uses "basic-page" template. I'm not sure if that's default or not? Any clue?
  9. Hallo! I've noticed that my 404-page is actually returning 302 header. How could I send the proper 404 header to the browser? Regards, Mick
  10. Hallo! I've just tried the module and it's working like a charm. The problem is that I'm expecting the email entries from more than one user and I need to know who sent the email...? Is there a way to identify the sender somehow? Please advise. Best regards, Mick
  11. globi

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    $pages->find("*") That's it. Thanks!
  12. Hallo! I'm trying to retrieve all the pages in an array, but I can't find the proper selector. What's the way to get all the pages, no matter of their names, parent, templates, etc.? Best regards, Mick
  13. Hallo! I'd need to get a unique session id in the ProcessWire, something like the PHP session_id() Is there s property of a $session object that I could use for that purpose? If not, what's the workaround you're suggesting? Please advise. Best regards, Mick
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